Best Sunglasses for High Rx A lot of people who call us are very surprised to know that every frame we have on our site can be Rx-ed. They’re usually pretty stoked when they find out they can wear their favorite brands with their prescription.

Oakley Crosslink blue Rockin' the Oakley Crosslink.

One of the main things to consider while dealing with prescription glasses is distortion. Distortion is caused by a few things: a high degree of wrap (or curve) in the lenses, larger-sized lenses, and lenses with high prescriptions. Avoiding distortion in wrap lenses with a powerful prescription is a daunting task. We specialize in wrap-around glasses and have mastered minimizing the distortion as much as possible. Nevertheless, not all prescription wrap lenses are meant to be. In this case, inserts may be a viable option, giving you the flexibility of having the protection of wrap lenses over your prescription. If inserts aren't your thing, a flatter frame is king when it comes to powerful prescriptions. Here's a basic overview of some of the best sunglasses for high prescriptions:

Oakley Crosslink - You get a lot of features with this frame. Very sleek fit with rubber nose pads and rubber temples to prevent them from sliding around on your face. You can wear them as an everyday pair, but at the same time you can wear them while you compete. So they’re good on and off the field.

Oakley Jupiter Squared Oakley Jupiter Squared. They totally match my shirt.

Jupiter Squared - another lifestyle piece that you can wear it as an everyday sunglass, but at the same time, it’ll give you maximum protection for sports.




Ray-Ban Daddy-O SportRx Ray-Ban Daddy-O

Ray-Ban Daddy-O - A flat-frame go-to. This by far is a high-Rx favorite. I have yet to have an unsatisfied customer with these frames. The reason being is it’s exceptionally flat. There’s not much to it, no rubber or anything, but you can put a very powerful Rx into it.

Remember that we have opticians on staff who are experts in helping you find the right frame. What you might think is a high prescription may actually be quite easy for us to do, even in the highest degree of wrapped frames. When in doubt, give us a call. We love to help!