At SportRx we are problem solvers, providing sport solutions that take you to the next level of your sport so that vision doesn’t hold you back. When it comes to snow goggles we have devised a foolproof guide of anti-fog tips and goggles to help combat fog on the mountain. Don’t waste your time researching what goggles to get and why, the full break down is right here. We also have more an in-depth review of tips to keep your goggles from fogging.


What Causes Fogging?

The leading cause to goggle fogging is a product of condensation, resulting in water that collects as fog on a cold surface (lens) when humid air from your body comes in contact with it. In most cases this is from tucking your ski mask under the goggle frame, pushing warm air into your lenses faster. Nowadays dual pane lenses are extremely common and really help to mitigate fogging. Below are a few other ways you can combat fogging.


5 Anti-Fog Suggestions for the Upcoming Season


  • Do not put your goggles on your head, which would channel warm air from your head to the goggle’s lens.


  • Be sure to take your goggles off in a warm gondola to let them breathe.


  • Try to wear appropriately layered clothing, so that you don’t sweat too much.


  • Spherical Lenses vs. Cylindrical lenses: In terms of fog prevention, spherical lenses are a must. The spherical design creates more volume between the face and the cold outside weather, facilitating airflow, thus decreasing fog.


  • Main Fog Prevention Features to look for: Anti-fog coating, vented lenses, and dual pane lenses.


Top 5 Best Anti-Fog Goggles 2018-19

For when its just an epic powder day, and sweat, heat, and stoke are entirely unavoidable, the solution lies in a proper set of goggles.

1 | Oakley Airbrake XL Snow Goggle

airbrake xl prizm sapphire with hi pink

Oakley Airbrake XL in Matte Black with PRIZM Sapphire

Shop Oakley Airbrake XL

Fully ready for to stop the fog with all the must haves including, optically correct Dual-Vented Lens with F3 Anti-fog coating. The spherical lens shape provides more volume between your face and the lens which helps to combat fog. Features like Oakley Switchlock technology are the ultimate solution when you want to swap lenses out. The Airbrake XL comes with two separate PRIZM lenses so you will be covered no matter if it’s dumping snow or a bright blue bird day.

2 | Oakley Flight Deck Snow Goggle

Flight Deck PRIZM Jade

Oakley Flight Deck in Factory Pilot Blackout with PRIZM Jade

Shop Oakley Flight Deck

The Flight Deck is similar to the Airbrake XL but just a bit smaller. This goggle also only comes with one PRIZM lens. If you are unsure of which PRIZM lens to choose, we have a PRIZM Snow lens guide to help you out. Dual pane lenses and triple-layer foam keep warm air in and cold air out to reduce chances of fogging.

3 | Dragon X2 Snow Goggles


Dragon NFX2 in Black with Lumalens Red Ion

Shop Dragon X2

These snow goggles are fully ready to beat the elements and keep you shredding. Featuring an armored ventilation system, super Anti-fog treated dual lenses, and a Swiftlock Lens change system that will never slow you down.

4 | Smith I/OX Snow Goggle

Smith IOX chromapop snow goggles

Smith I/O X in Black with Chromapop Sun Green Mirror

Shop Smith I/OX

ChromaPop. The simple lens technology that has the answer to fog prevention. Similar to double-pane windows on an airplane, the Smith ChromaPop permanently bonds two lenses together, allowing breath-ability and moisture prevention.

5 | Anon M4

anon m4

Anon M4 in Blue with Infrared Blue

Shop Anon M4

New to the 2018-19 lineup, the M4 features a toric lens. This lens combines a spherical and cylindrical shape to give you the best of both worlds. You get extra volume inside the goggle to mitigate fog but also better optics and an increased field of view. The triple-layer foam is topped off with Anon’s patented Outlast Fog Management Face Fleece. This helps to maintain, absorb, and properly regulate face heat to stop moisture from forming no matter how hot you get.

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If you have Rx needs and a passion for riding, we’ve got you covered with prescription ski goggles. All 5 of the best anti-fog goggles can house custom prescription ski inserts. And speaking of anti-fog needs, our prescription inserts have anti-fog coating upgrades so your Rx needs don’t ever hinder your visual clarity. Questions about prescription ski goggles? We’ve got answers! Give us a call. We’re here to help, 7 days a week.