When you think 100% sunglasses, your mind probably jumps to adrenaline pumping high speed sports such as motocross or cycling. In fact you may have sported them in your own high speed adventures. If you’ve enjoyed the cool look and crystal clear photochromatic lenses of 100% while out on a ride, you’ll probably be stoked to know that 100% offers active-lifestyle frames as well. If you’ve been waiting for eyewear that can keep up with your 100% lifestyle anywhere you go, this guide will help you find the perfect frames.

Table of Contents

1. What to Look for
1.1. Frame Features
- Comfort and Fit
- Coverage
- Sendability
1.2. Lens Features
- Durability
- Sun Protection

2. Best 100% Active Lifestyle Sunglasses of 2019


What to Look For in Active Lifestyle Sunglasses

Having a pair of versatile sunglasses that can perform in any situation is convenient. But shouldn’t that convenience come packaged with functionality as well as style? We think so. 100% definitely covers all of those bases with their new line of active lifestyle shades. There’s a little bit of something for everyone here ranging from retro style to high performance frames meant to handle adventure as well as the grippy wrap around sport specific frames offered by the brand. We’ll dig into the techy details and leave the style up to you.

Frame Features

The first few things you may consider when shopping for new frames are comfort, protection and durability. Are these frames up to the task? Will they give you wraparound protection? And what about comfort, will they feel like an extension of my cool or just something that's squeezing my temples? We'll discuss this below.

Comfort and Fit

The active lifestyle range offers multi-functional frames that can rise to the occasion when necessary. After all, everyone needs a set of shades that look good and feel good too. All 100% active lifestyle frames are shatter-resistant and lightweight thanks to being constructed with a comfortable amorphous thermoplastic known as Grilamid TR90. The lightweight grippy material is often paired with rubber nose pads and tips. This will ensure that the frames aren’t sliding or shifting around while you’re getting after it.


It’s a perfect day. Too nice not to add a little adventure to your life. An impromptu exploration of a local trail or a day at the beach is a must! Whatever activity gets you outdoors, eyewear is probably the most important wearable companion you’ll take with you. Many of 100%’s active lifestyle frames feature wrap-around protection that will keep you covered from all angles. Sun, sand, dirt and brush will be handled.


100% sunglasses are known for their proven ability in the motocross and cycling arena. Their bombproof reputation is only bolstered by their comfort, excellent lens tech, and unmistakable style. One thing is for sure, this line of active lifestyle shades certainly sends it 100%.

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Lens Features

Once you've established that you have found the frames that suit your style and outdoor activity you need to make another important choice. After all, vision is the reason we wear glasses at all. Lens tech has advanced a long way so matching you're activity to the ideal sun protection and resolution is a must. Next, we discuss polarized vs non-polarized lenses as well as lens durability.


Depending on what you’re looking for, Ride 100%’s active lifestyle frames come fitted with lenses of varying durability. If these shades are purely for fashion then this may not be a factor for you. However, if you're looking for the same performance features found in their sport lenses you are in luck.

The hydroilo lens treatment repels water, dirt, and oil and is offered in most of these frames. Additionally, the shades suited for your more active days include a scratch resistant lens coating.

Whether you take a hard fall mountain biking or set them on your car roof only to remember them as they slide off heading for the pavement, your shades should be okay. The lenses are constructed from high-impact resistant polycarbonate and will withstand just about anything you throw their way.

Sun Protection

100% offers the highest standard of UV protection in all of their active lifestyle lenses. Depending on your personal sensitivity to light or if you just want that added protection for long sunny days, filter category 2 and 3 lenses are possibly something to consider. Your eyes will thank you for the decreased level of light transmission.

Wraparound protection ranges from 8-base base lenses to 6-base lenses, giving your eyes that extra level of protection while maintaining optical excellence. No distortion here.

Polarized (Peak-Polar) and non-polarized (HiPER) lenses are available in most frames. Depending on your kind of active, this is an important decision. The HiPER lens is great for high resolution images and changing light settings. Perfect for that epic mountain bike ride. Peak-Polar lenses perform best in the brightest settings when maximum sun protection is necessary. Additionally, 100%’s Peak-Polar lenses have managed to eliminate the "black-out" issue common with reading LCD and LED screens with a polarized lens.

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Best 100% Active Lifestyle Sunglasses of 2019


100% Hakan in Soft Tact Rootbeer

100% Hakan in Soft Tact Rootbeer with HiPER Silver Mirrored Lenses

Shop 100% Hakan

100% finds the ultimate middle-ground between performance and leisure with the Hakan. 100% frames are constructed using lightweight and shatter resistant Grilamid TR90, these wraparound frames are paired with optically correct decentered 8x4 base toric lenses to offer 100% UV protection. When life gets unexpectedly rad the nose and temple tips are coated with rubber ensuring that these shades stay on your head. Whatever the occasion, the Hakan is ready.


100% Type-S in Matte Black

100% Type-S in Matte Black with HiPER Iceburg Blue Mirrored Lenses

Shop 100% Type-S

Style and eye protection are the important features to take into account with the Type-S. All of 100%’s top features are included in these cool wrap around frames, but what truly sets them apart is the lenses. Your eyes are guaranteed protection from the sun on the longest days in the sun with a category 3 filter protection rating and minimal 17% light transmission . Whether you’re chilling on a beach or hitting the trails, these shades have got you covered.


100% Centric in Matte Crystal Black

100% Centric in Matte Crystal Black with Red HiPER Multilayer Mirrored Lenses

Shop 100% Centric

The classic frame shape common in 100%'s cycling and motocross lines is present in these hip shades. If you’re looking for an active-lifestyle frame that has both a classic and modern edge, the 6-base lenses with a category 2 filter rating might be the right choice. Paired with the durability and comfort found in all of 100%’s frames, these sunglasses are fit for any occasion.



100% Campo in Matte Translucent Olive Slate

100% Campo in Matte Translucent Olive Slate with Black Mirror Lenses

Shop 100% Campo

The retro look of 100%’s Campo frame oozes cool. The rounded frame design and classic lines show off 100%’s unique take on an enduring style. The lightweight dual-lenses are made of 6-base polycarbonate and give 100% UV protection. Additionally, the thermoplastic elastomer nose and temple pads provide a comfortable fit for these hip frames. We suggest taking a long drive with the top down to go along with these frames but the the truth is, these will look cool anywhere.


100% Hudson in Matte havana

100% Hudson in Matte Havana with Bronze Lenses

Shop 100% Hudson

Classic cool and modern cool often overlap. 100%’s Hudson frames certainly have a bit of both. The Hudson’s classic look is accentuated by 6-base lenses and fashionable lines while offering the protection, comfort, and durability expected from the brand. You’ll never look out of place or go out of style while wearing these shades.


100% Blake in Matte Black

100% Blake in Matte Black with HiPER Iceburg Blue Mirrored Lenses

Shop 100% Blake

100%’s Blake sunglasses feature a classic look comfortably at home in any setting. If you’re looking for frames that stress the lifestyle side of active lifestyle but can still send it with the best of them, these are an apt choice. Ultra-grip TPE rubber nose pads and tips pair with 6-base spherical lenses ensure a comfortable fit while also keeping these frames on your head when your active lifestyle gets a little more active.


100% Daze in Soft Tact Quicksand

100% Daze in Soft Tact Quicksand with HiPER Red Multilayer Mirrored Lenses

Shop 100% Daze

You can see 100%'s California culture and sports history reflected in these cool frames. The Daze frames feature a unique balance between active and leisure while boasting all the best attributes of 100% glasses. The shatter resistant and lightweight Grilamid TR90 wrap around frame is fitted with high-impact resistant and lightweight polycarbonate lenses that have 100% UVA protection. These bulletproof sunglasses are road, trail, and relaxation proven giving you the best that 100% has to offer.

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