Sunglass Rob and Sidekick Sarah are here with big news: at last you get can authentic prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses! And when they say authentic, they are talking lens shape and lens color, complete with Ray-Ban logo in the upper corner and logo etching in the lens!

As Rob explains, until recently whenever someone would order prescription Ray Ban's, SportRx would replace the Ray Ban lens with SportRx lenses. Now SportRx offers authentic prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses with amazing features that will blow you away!


  1. The authentic prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses have the official company logo in the corner.
  2. Ray Ban etching that is engraved into the corner of the prescription sunglasses.
  3. Polarized prescription Ray Ban lenses have the letter P next company logo in the corner.
  4. You will receive a perfect shape. The Ray-Ban lab understands the design inside and out, which allows them to create the perfect shape for the sunglasses. There will not be any weird gaps or design flaws on the prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses.
  5. Original authentic green smoke Ray-Ban color now available with prescription sunglasses! Also new colorway designs such as gradient polarized lenses, mirrors, polarized, non-polarized, and much more.
  6. New digital technology within the lenses.
  7. Backside anti-reflective lenses that helps pick up all the light off the lenses so you don't have to deal with a glare.
  8. Lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is a lightweight impact resistance material that is popular for prescription sunglasses.
  9. Wide prescription range.
  10. The sunglasses come with an authentic card that explains all the details of the lenses to make the product even more official!

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Authentic Prescription Ray-Ban Sunglasses Available at SportRx!

Ray-Ban's authentic prescription sunglasses contain many new features in the lens that are changing the game. At SportRx, we have a wide variety of prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses available with the new prescription designs! Give one of our professional opticians a call at SportRx so we can get you your perfect pair of authentic prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses right away.