Oakley Safety Glasses: ANSI Det Cord Review

Oakley has a history of exceeding ANSI requirements for many of their sports frames. It's no secret that Oakley technology is a top brand for manual working conditions and overall physically demanding jobs. Now the company is continuing to raise the bar with specialized internal testing of their own for safety glasses standards. The Oakley Det Cord safety glasses are the perfect protective sunglasses for any job sight requiring ANSI protective eye-wear. Here is our full review of the all new safety rated Oakley Det Cord sunglasses.


Oakley Det Cord Features

  • ANSI rated- These frames meet or exceed all Z87.1 ratings.
  • Excellent eye protection-A full wraparound frame construction keeps your eyes protected and all debris out. The thicker temple arms give you enhanced coverage for maximum protection.
  • Three-Point Fit System- These frame are made to evenly distribute the weight on your face. The three strategic contact points, behind your ears and on your nose, will create a comfortable fit that can be worn all day long.
  • Unobtanium nose piece- Unobtanium keeps the frames from slipping down if you break a sweat. This material gets stickier and tackier the more you sweat!



Oakley Det Cord sunglasses by Oakley are available in prescription sunglasses at SportRx. Oakley Det Cord in Matte Black with Grey

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Every job site demands the best tools for their workers. A very important tool is your safety eyewear! Oakley Det Cord ANSI sunglasses will keep your eyes protected on and off the job. These safety sunglasses combine functionality with style! The sleek design on the Det cord will allow you to go straight from work to regular everyday activities. Basically you'll have one pair that does it all, and no longer need to switch back and forth between your working safety glasses and regular sunglasses.

Oakley Det Cord in Prescription Online at SportRx!

Guess what! You can even add your prescription to these versatile safety glasses! You can have prescription, safety and style all in a single pair of sunglasses!!! If you have any other questions or want to add your prescription give us a call! We'll get you connected with one of our licensed optometrists to answer any questions and find the perfect pair of prescription glasses for you!