Today SportRx is taking a look at the Anon M2 snow goggles, shredding their way to the top tier of goggles available on today’s market. With a plethora of game-changing technology, these goggles will surely fulfill the needs of any boarder, from novice all the way up to the most experienced. Our head optician Rob took an in depth look at the M2s, which you can check out in the video below.

Where these goggles really start to define themselves is their unbelievably easy shield changing mechanism. 16 rare earth magnets line the goggle frame, providing adequately spaced points of connection that hold strong once in place, but pull apart incredibly easy. The standard Anon M2s will come with two sets of shields- a lighter and a darker shield so you can personally choose which style you’d like to use. The lighter shield is much easier to see through for cloudier days on the slopes, when the glare from the sun is less likely to impair your vision. The darker shield will reduce glare and dramatically increase the field of your vision on those days where the sun is out in full force.

The M2s come equipped with Anon’s signature ICT treatment, or integral clarity technology. This state of the art anti-fog treatment is designed for minimal contact clarity- essentially, the less you come in contact with the inside of the shield, the better the anti-fogging. The frames are lined with plenty of ventilation throughout the top and bottom sides, along with a 40% thinner foam intended to have the goggles sit as close to your face as possible. This wall to wall technology attempts to minimize the peripheral blockage from the goggle, which really sets this model apart from the rest of the market.

Anon’s M2s last technological upper hand lies within its spherical lenses, which wrap up and down as well as left to right. This results in the best optical clarity due to the bubbling out. This added bubble also reduces the amount of fogging that takes place because of the increased space between the lens and your face. But wait- you say you still need prescription eyewear while you carve the mountain? Have no fear, SportRx can easily integrate your prescription needs into the goggles, which can also be interchanged based upon which lens you would like to use! The Anon M2s provide versatility and usability in an efficient and easy manner, leading up to less time figuring your gear out, and more time carving the mountain.

Head over to SportRx today to get your own pair of Anon M2s!