7 Reasons Why We Love the Rudy Project Horus

Rudy Project Sunglasses, Prescription Rudy Project Horus Rudy Project Horus (red/silver)

The Rudy Project Horus has been among the most popular sport sunglasses since they were released on the market. There are probably a million reasons why this is, but here’s seven:

1) Amazing Fit. The Rudy Project Horus is almost a one-size-fits-all pair of sunglasses. They’re not too big, not too small, and they have adjustable temples and nose pads so they can accommodate a range of face sizes.

2) Anti-Slip grip. The Rudy Project Horus features rubberized temples and Ergo3Max™nose pads for superior comfort and optimal grip, saving you from having to constantly adjust your glasses when you’re trying to focus on competing.

3) Maximum coverage. The Horus has an eight base curve for full, wrap around coverage and a wider field of vision.

4) Totally Rx-able. If you need the Rudy Project Horus in prescription, SportRx uses digital wrap compensation to accommodate your prescription. On average, we can go up to a -6 to a +3.5 prescription without blinking an eye.

5) Interchangeable lenses. Another thing people love about the Rudy Project Horus is its awesome interchangeable lens system, enabling you to adapt to different riding conditions in a jiffy. You can do a lot of fun things like colored mirror coatings, polarized lenses, transitions lenses, etc.

6) Sport-specific design. The Rudy Project Horus has an arch design at the eyebrows that gives you a couple more millimeters of room. This keeps you from having to look over the top of the frame so that you always see through your lenses. This is crucial, especially for cyclists who ride an aggressive geometry, deep in the drops, or who ride aero bars.

7) Cool color Options. Anthrasite, which is the two-toned grey color, is the most popular Horus frame. They also come in a silver/red and white/blue.

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