Zeal Optics Eldorado

Zeal Optics Eldorado - Black Gloss - Three-Four ViewZeal Optics Eldorado - Black Gloss - Front ViewZeal Optics Eldorado - Black Gloss - Side ViewZeal Optics Eldorado - Hickory - Three-Four ViewZeal Optics Eldorado - Hickory - Front ViewZeal Optics Eldorado - Hickory - Side View
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Need Lenses Only?

When you order these awesome Authentic lenses in prescription, only the Rx lenses will show up at your door. The non-Rx lenses would have then gone to Non-Rx Lens Heaven, and will therefore not be present.

Our expert team has pre-built several superior lens combinations below for your convenience and enjoyment. These lens combinations have been handpicked by our opticians for optimal performance.

Please note that Non-Prescription Sunglasses cannot be customized. All frame and lens color combinations come stock from their manufacturer.

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  • Features
  • Colors
  • Mirror
  • Anti-Reflective
  • Anti-Fog
  • Protection

  • How do you want to build your SportRx lenses?

  • Single Vision (Digital)
    single vision (digital) Digital Single Vision lenses have only one type of correction. Digital surfacing provides accuracy to 1/100th of a diopter. Put simply digital surfacing delivers the crispest, sharpest, most accurate vision possible. Digital surfacing also offers wrap compensation.
  • Progressive (Digital)
    progressive (digital) Progressive (Digital)

  • Standard
    Standard Standard lenses include clear, and non-polarized tinted lenses.
  • polarized Polarized lenses block glare from ice, water, snow, the road or any shiny surfaces. Polarized Lenses come in 3 options: Brown, Grey, and G15 (a green smoke)

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Select a color
  • Dark Grey Dark Grey
  • Copper Copper

  • zeal backside antireflective Everything you get with Premium Antireflective coating, plus an improved anti-scratch coating that is harder to smudge and stays clean longer.

  • added scratch protection

    Adds a hard coating that greatly reduces the likelihood of scratching.
    This extra scratch protection also adds a year of scratch warranty.

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Be an instant legend with the Zeal Optics Eldorado prescription sunglasses. Navigate through your day with the Zeal Optics Eldorado and see the world through a new vision and clarity. Featuring a fusion of classic, handmade Italian styling and unique American individualism that is all its own, Eldorado is an undiscovered treasure. Features include: Polarized lenses, Zeal's superior frame technology, and prescription ready.

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Includes: Cloth Baggy & Cleaning Cloth
Fits: L,XL
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