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  • Oakley Crosslink Collection | Refining Active Optics

    In developing technologies to meet the demands of professional athletes, Oakley has achieved innovations that surpass vision expectations. The Oakley Crosslink Collection introduces versatility, styling, and performance-enhancing features, designed to take you from work to play. Form and function blend seamlessly to offer industry-leading clarity, comfort and protection, and each design upholds the active lifestyle. Echoing the sport culture of the brand, this segment offers unsurpassed innovation to those who lead active lives and want a look of originality for daily wear.

    Oakley Crosslink Pitch Prescription Glasses

    The Oakley Crosslink Pitch brings a smooth, lifestyle look to the Oakley Crosslink Collection.  This pair of Oakley glasses screams versatility and is perfect for work, the gym, and everything in between.


    Oakley Crosslink Pitch Glasses feature:

     - Lightweight, durable 0 Matter-material
    - Adjustable, interchangeable temple with wire core temples
    - Temples with contrasting icons and ear socks
    - Unobtanium nosepads and earsocks
    - Two sizes: 52/54

    Oakley Crosslink Strike Prescription Glasses

    Crafted with premium performance materials, the Crosslink Strike has everything needed for a great pair of glasses.  Its interchangeable temples makes it possible for you to customize your look in seconds.


    Oakley Crosslink Strike Glasses feature:

     - Lightweight, durable 0 Matter-material
    - Adjustable, interchangeable temple with wire core temple
    - Second set of temples feature black icons and ear socks
    - Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads for no-slip grip
    - Two sizes: 54/56

    Oakley Crosslink Swith Prescription Glasses

    Crosslink Switch is the ultimate blend of sport and style, creating a pair of Oakley glasses which are unique,  sophisticated, and durable.  If versatility is what you are looking for, the Crosslink Switch is the Oakley frame for you.


     Oakley Crosslink Switch glasses feature:

    - Lightweight, robust aluminum center
    - Adjustable O Matter temples with wire core
    - Unobtanium earsocks
    - Switchlock Technology with interchangeable lens carrier
    - Frost O Matter nosepads
    - Additional lens carrier
    - Two sizes: 53/55

    Oakley Crosslink Zero Prescription Glasses

    Deriving inspiration from the EVZERO, the Oakley Crosslink Zero stands out as the hybrid of a sport-sun masterpiece without compromising an athlete's optical needs. This pair of Oakley prescription glasses features the perfect combination of detailed style and sport performance.


     Oakley Crosslink Zero Glasses feature:

    - Lightweight, durable 0 Matter-material
    - Design tie in to Sun Zero
    - Adjustable temple with wire core
    - Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads
    - Available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses
    - Protective carrying case included

    Oakley Crosslink Prescription Glasses

    Oakley Crosslink represents incredible style, where sleek and modern combine to make a pair of shades that will surely stand out from the rest.  Oakley Crosslink can be worn anywhere, from playing sports to going out on the town.


    - Constructed of ultra-lightweight, durable 0 Matter-material
    - Adjustable, interchangeable temple with wire core temple
    - First set of temples feature contracting icons and earsocks
    - Second set of temples feature gunmetal icons and grey earsocks
    - Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads
    - Available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses
    - Protective carrying case included

    The Oakley Crosslink collection encompasses a number of frame styles, colors, eyesizes, and detailing, all of which were designed to individually cater to an athletes' vision and sport-performance needs. If you have any further questions about Oakley Crosslink prescription glasses, what makes the perfect pair for you, or Oakley prescription glasses in general, the SportRx opticians have you covered with the best optical knowledge around. Don't hesitate to contact us so we can have you rockin' a pair of your favorite Oakley Crosslinks in no time.

  • Computer Glasses: Protect Your Eyes from HEV Blue Light

    Eye strain. Eye fatigue. Dry eyes. Headaches. Blurred vision. Insomnia. Sound familiar? Perhaps after a long day of staring at the computer? You, my friend, are not alone.

    After staring at our computers for hours on end, our eyes give up. These symptoms are the result of our eyes telling us they’ve had enough bad blue light exposure, and that its time to call it quits.

    Unfortunately, our world is flooded with screens that emit harmful blue light. While it’s nearly impossible to avoid the use of screen-based technology, it’s not impossible to avoid harmful blue light. This is where the use of eye strain computer glasses come into play as an absolute must have!

    Why HEV Blue Blocker Computer Glasses are a Necessity

    Work, school, social media, TV, movies…the list goes on. We’re over-exposed to sources that emit harmful blue light, and they’re taking a toll on our overall eye health. Because our screens are unavoidable, computer glasses have become a necessity.

    HEV blue light blocker glasses are the #1 defense against computer eye strain, eye fatigue, and macular degeneration. In order to prolong optical health, we engineered SportRx BLUEdefense - a protective anti-reflective coating to block harmful blue light.

    About SportRx BLUEdefense | The Benefits of Eye Strain Computer Glasses:

    Eye strain computer glasses filter out the harmful HEV blue light that ranges from the 380-470nm in the visible light spectrum. As a result, computer glasses with the SportRx BLUEdefense lens coating:

    - Provide superior protection from harmful effects of bad blue light
    - Reduce glare and reflections from computer screens
    - Allow the good blue light to pass through, increasing sharpness and clarity
    - Reduce digital eye strain and associated symptoms like blurred vision, eye fatigue, headaches, dry eyes, sleep disruption, and more.
    - Prevent macular degeneration - the deterioration of the central portion of your retina and the leading cause of vision loss
    - Prolong ability to work on a computer without experiencing those negative implications

    SportRx BLUEdefense is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. This anti-reflective blue light protection is available with prescription or non-prescription lenses, and can be added on to virtually any pair of glasses or sunglasses online at SportRx.

    Why Get Custom Computer Glasses Online at SportRx

    The benefits of computer glasses far outweigh the negative implications of blue light. Perhaps the best question to ask yourself is, “Why wouldn’t I get HEV blue blocker computer glasses for eye strain problems?!” Once you have a pair of your favorite computer glasses, you’ll never go a day without ‘em. If you have further questions on how to get a pair of non-prescription computer glasses or prescription blue light filter glasses, a SportRx optician will be sure to help you out!

    Order HEV Blue Light Blocker Computer Glasses by reaching the SportRx opticians below, or via phone, email, LiveChat.

    We can wait for you the experience the obsession with blue light protection! Our team of expert opticians is here to help, 7 days a week.

  • Gaming Glasses: SportRx BLUEdefense Gaming Glasses Collection

    SportRx BLUEdefense Gaming Glasses

    - Promotes overall eye health, extending the longevity of an athlete’s gaming career
    - Filters harmful HEV blue light emitted from digital screens
    - Reduces glare and reflections from screens, florescent lights, and other light sources
    - Repels dirt, oil, moisture, and smudges, and is scratch resistant
    - Is offered in a variety of lens combinations that are tailored uniquely to specific games
    - Is available in prescription and can be placed into virtually any eyeglass frame

    Order BLUEdefense gaming glasses by contacting our eSportRx opticians below, or via phone, email, or LiveChat

    Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Gaming Glasses?

    Pros wear gaming glasses for eye strain and protection.

    Gaming glasses are designed for:

    1) Protecting eyes when staring at screens

    2)  Enhancing performance

    We spend our waking hours staring at digital screens. Computer screens. TV screens. And when you finally look away – the smartphone screen.

    Digital screens emit harmful HEV (high energy visible) blue light. Gamers in particular, spend extended periods of time exposed to this HEV blue light.

    Gaming glasses block harmful blue light, protecting gamers’ eyes from the HEV rays. The blue light filter in gaming glasses provides a protective shield between a gamer’s eyes and the screen, therefore preserving optical health, minimizing fatigue and eye strain, and allowing gamers to focus on the game with more relaxed eyes.

    How Do Gaming Glasses Work?

    Gaming glasses filter the HEV blue light emitted from digital screens. Technical Speak: Harmful blue light falls within 380 nanometers to 470 nanometers on the visible light spectrum.

    SportRx BLUEdefense gaming glasses block blue light within this range, protecting your eyes from its damaging effects as you’re gaming.

    Are Video Gaming Glasses Worth It?

    Are gaming glasses worth it? Pfffft…is that even a question? Your vision is priceless. Gaming glasses are beyond worth it.

    Wearing Gaming Glasses:

    1) Saves Your Eyes – preserving your vision and your video gaming career

    2) Heightens Focus – by allowing you to focus on the video game with relaxed eyes

    3) Heightens Vision – There’s a whole line of lens configurations in the eSportRx BLUEdefense gaming glasses that are designed with unique lens configurations for specific gaming environments.

    Bottom line – gaming athletes and regular Joes alike should be wearing gaming glasses for eye strain, eye protection, and of course, to level up their game.

    What Your Eyes Are Trying to Tell You

    Gaming Glasses for Eye Strain & Protection

    Pro gamers and gamer enthusiasts alike spend extended periods of time exposed to these harmful HEV blue light rays, causing eye strain, fatigue, headaches, etc.

    Eye strain and fatigue due to overexposure to harmful blue light are merely symptoms to greater eye health dangers. Lack of protection from HEV blue light can lead to irreversible damage to your eyes, namely, macular degeneration – the deterioration of the central portion of your retina. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss.

    Order Gaming Glasses Online

    Get Custom gaming glasses with any brand on

    You can get custom gaming glasses with virtually any frame your heart desires. Oakley gaming glasses? Done. Ray-Ban gaming glasses? You’ve got it. Prescription gaming glasses? Cake.

    Drop us a note below or call us and our eSportRx opticians will help you create your custom gaming glasses for your games.

  • Nike Bandit Sunglasses | Redefining Sport Sunglasses

    Nike has recently set out to revolutionize the world of sunglasses for athletes, and they've accomplished just that with the innovation of Nike Bandit Sunglasses. The Nike Bandit strays away from the traditional look of sports sunglasses, while maintaining and even surpassing many of the features that hardcore sport sunglasses provide. Not only do these Nike sunglasses bring versatile style to the table, but maximum vision and intuitive comfort were also at the top of Nike's priority list while designing the Bandit. Ventilation from all angles of these sunglasses- the nose bridge, upper frame and arms-  provides constant airflow and minimizes fogging. Whether you are biking down a mountain or relaxing at the beach, Nike Bandit sunglasses are the one frame fits all kind of shades.

    Nike Bandit Sunglasses, Nike Bandit prescription sunglasses Nike Bandit Sunglasses

    Noteworthy Features of the Nike Bandit:

    -Ventilated nose bridge with rubberized grip that will reduce fogging and increase grip with sweat

    -Vents in temple arms + microvents within the frame enhance airflow, preventing moisture/fog

    -Secure-wrap temples with rubber grip ensure stability and comfort

    -Highly Rx-able: No matter how tough your prescription may be, Nike Bandit sunglasses can accommodate almost all prescriptions out there due to its lifestyle design and flatter lenses.

    No Compromise Sports Sunglasses

    Nike Bandit sunglasses are truly a game changer in the industry. This really is the first pair of sunglasses that won't make you compromise performance for style and visa versa. They truly are a 'one pair, fits all lifestyles' frame. Check out our detailed product review to learn more about what makes the Nike Bandit sunglasses so revolutionary in this arena.

    Nike Bandit sunglasses will provide the maximum performance and comfort of extreme sports sunglasses while giving you a lifestyle look that you can wear anywhere, anytime. If you need a new pair of prescription sunglasses that won't compromise ANYTHING, SportRx has you covered with a pair of Nike Bandit prescription sunglasses. If you have any questions about the Nike Bandit features, sizes, prescriptions that are compatible with this product, etc., feel free to contact us!

  • Bryce Harper Sunglasses: What are the Pros Wearing?

    Athlete's are trained from day one to compete at the highest level possible. Whether it is during practice, warm ups, or when it comes time to hit the field, professional athletes prepare themselves to achieve success with every competitive edge they can get their hands on. When the game comes down to those precious moments where the game is on the line, the slightest advantage can make all the difference.

    MLB phenom, Bryce Harper, embodies all the characteristics of a super-star athlete. From his highlight reel plays in the outfield to his earth-shattering home runs, Harper has earned himself the title of National League MVP and also a place in history as one of the greatest. A player of his caliber has trained himself to prepare for success better than most. In order to do that he only trains with the best equipment.

    Bryce Harper Sunglasses | Nothing but the Best

    New York Mets v Washington Nationals

    Harper was recently spotted reppin' the popular Under Armour Rival Sunglasses. The UA Rival is a unique pair of sunglasses that has proven to be extremely versatile with a high level of functionality.  The UA Rival has a variety of features that make it some of the best sunglasses offered on the market today.

    Under Armour Rival Sunglasses | Top-notch Baseball Sunglasses

    Under Armour Rival Sunglasses, UA Rival Prescription Sunglasses

    Frame features: There is no denying that the frames on the UA Rival make them one sleek piece of eyewear. Made from ultra-light ArmourFusion® technology, the combination of Grilamid and titanium will make it hard to find a set of performance eyewear that is stronger and more flexible. The adjustable nose pad along with three point grip will ensure the fit is tight and secure. The Rival also features UA AUTOGRIP temple technology which offers an enhanced and articulated level of comfort without any of the unwanted squeeze.

    Lens features: Under Armour focused on performance but refused to make any sacrifice in style when choosing the lens design for the Rival. This model features ArmourSight® lens technology, which is the forefront of the industry. ArmourSight® allows for up to 20% more distortion-free peripheral vision while increasing the lens strength in comparison to ordinary polycarbonate lenses up to 10x. With a 72mm lens width, the Rival won't block vision of anything coming your way. On top of that, all this extra lens surface is protected by Under Armour's guarantee of all Performance eyewear to block out 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

    To Be the Best, You Have to Wear the Best

    The UA Rival is among the top-tier when it comes to options in performance baseball sunglasses. If you want to take your game to the next level with a pair of Bryce Harper sunglasses, then look no further than the UA Rival. Need prescription? Get all things Under Armour prescription online at SportRx. If you have any other questions about the Under Armour Rival, sizes in general, or anything pertaining to prescription Under Armour sunglasses and eyeglasses, feel free to contact us!

  • Ray-Ban Justin vs Wayfarer: What's the Difference?

    Ray-Ban has achieved its position atop the pinnacle of lifestyle glasses by manufacturing only the best of the best. When it comes to the Ray-Ban Justin vs Wayfarer, that reputation of excellence is strongly upheld in both. When Ray-Ban released Wayfarer sunglasses, the reaction was so positive that they had no choice but to ride the wave of success into new products for the years ahead. In comes the Justin. Inspired by the timeless Wayfarer model, the Justin provides a slight, yet, unique spin-off with exciting features.

    The key different features of the Ray-Ban Justin vs Wayfarer are their sizes and style. The Wayfarer and the Justin showcase the iconic square shape with sizes that compliment a variety of faces. Although both models have similar designs and are labeled with a standard fit, there are slight variations that can make all the difference in both size and style.

    Ray-Ban Justin vs Wayfarer | Size Differences:

    Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

    Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 50 eyesize, Ray-Ban Prescription Wayfarer Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 50 Eyesize

    The original Ray-Ban Wayfarer has a stylish and original design that attracts people from all walks of life. They sport a 50mm lens width and a 40mm height which is on the smaller side. The smaller measurements usually resonate with females more often than men. However, if you are looking for a more subtle look that won't be too overwhelming, the Wayfarer may be the pair for you.

    Ray-Ban Justin Sunglasses 

    Ray Ban Justin RB4165 prescription Ray-Ban Justin RB4165

    The Ray Ban Justin takes a bit of a more modern approach to its structure. A 55mm wide and 44mm tall pair of lenses are featured making it the larger option out of the two. These sunglasses tend to find their way onto the faces of men but can also be a great buy for any ladies who enjoy the bigger look.

    Ray-Ban Justin vs Wayfarer | Style Differences

    The style of the two models are very similar yet quite different in their own way. The Wayfarer will give you more of a classic feel that turns you back in time and provides that sense of old school flare that is always fashionable, where as, the Justin will put you on the forefront of the fashion industry with a sleek and modern look that is guaranteed to turn some heads. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer also features more of a lens tilt, and the Justin lenses sit at more of a vertical positioning on your face.

    When it comes to the decision of whether to buy the Justin or the Wayfarer, there is no wrong answer. The Original Ray-Ban Wayfarer is one of the top-selling sunglasses of all time. On the other hand, the Ray-Ban  Justin is staking its own claim in the fashion industry. Need prescription? Get all things Ray-Ban prescription online at SportRx. If you have any other questions about the Ray-Ban Justin vs. Wayfarer, sizes in general, or anything pertaining to prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses, feel free to contact us!

  • Introducing 2016 Costa USA Limited Edition Sunglasses

    Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.42.56 PM

    Costa sunglasses have always been built in the USA, at their home in Daytona Beach, FL.  Due to this, they take great pride in offering a collection of 2016 Costa USA sunglasses as a salute to the USA during the many patriotic events of the summer of 2016.  The Costa USA Limited Edition Collection consists of seven frame styles, each with unique take on the red, white, and blue.

    Costa Anaa USA Sunglasses

    Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.40.12 PM

    Costa Anaa sunglasses are the perfect pair of shades for relaxing on the beach and looking good while doing it.  These stylish sunglasses are made of heavy-duty TR-90 nylon, just in case you decide to test its durability.  Equipped with plastic lenses which are lightweight, impact-and-scratch-resistant, and have 100% polarization which kills reflected glare and reduces eye strain, the Costa Anna is sure to make for a great pair of shades.

    Costa Copra USA Sunglasses

    Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.40.30 PM

    Islanders around the world have figured out a way to live sustainably by making use of every part of the coconut tree.  In result they learned how to make use of copra, which is dried and chopped coconut which then is pressed for valuable oil.  Similar to the natural resources provided by the coconut tree such as shade and oil, these full-coverage sunglasses provide natural shade.  With frames made with resin from the castor plant and reinforced with heavy-duty TR-90 nylon, the Costa Copra is built to last.  In addition, its comfortable medium fit and 100% polarization, which kills reflected glare and reduces eye strain, work together to create a sunglass experience like no other.

    Costa Motu USA Sunglasses

    Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.40.50 PM

    Sometimes you just want to take a break and anchor up at a small motu for some rest and relaxation with a cold drink in your hand.  Costa Motu sunglasses feature a relieved face curve for total comfort, and an optical-quality spring hinge makes sure that much needed rest and relaxation becomes a reality.  With a frame made of heavy-duty TR-90 nylon, you can trust that, while you relax, your new pair of durable shades will hang with the best.

    Costa Blackfin USA Sunglasses

    Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.41.09 PM

    You might have gallons of brine in your face and 400 pounds on your hook, but the Costa Blackfin still won't slip.  Slippage is stopped in its tracks due to the Hydrolite co-injected lining. In addition, its flexible frame and large fit creates extreme comfort.  These Costa sunglasses were made to push the edge in sunglass performance, so you can push it everywhere else.

    Costa Cortez USA Sunglasses

    Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.38.58 PM

    In comparison, few waters can match the variety and abundance of marine life which makes up the Sea of Cortez.  Built with linear venting, tough nylon material, and a large fit, the Costa Cortez was made strong enough to hold its own as you explore any body of water.  In addition, Costa Cortez sunglasses were created with a comfortable large fit to make these sunglasses ready to handle wherever life takes you and to make sure you feel comfortable while doing it.

    Costa Fantail USA Sunglasses

    Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.38.32 PM

    A smaller model of the Blackfin frame, Costa Fantail sunglasses are 100% adventure ready.  Its medium fit creates a more comfortable sunglass experience for users who need a smaller frame.  However don't let the size fool you.  The Costa Fantail comes equipped with heavy-duty TR 90 nylon frames, integral hinges, and 100% polarization, which kills reflection glare and reduces eye strain.  So although these might be smaller in size, the Costa Fantail still comes ready to handle whatever adventure life might take you on. 

    Costa Mag Bay USA Sunglasses

    Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.38.15 PM

    Off the coast of Baja California, Magdalena Bay has some of the best sport fishing in the world. Costa Mag Bay sunglasses feature an extra-large fit, made to handle big adventures in a fisherman's paradise.  Its heavy-duty TR 90 nylon frame, optical spring hinge, and comfortable extra large fit make for a great pair of shades for relaxing or pushing the limits.

    Every Pair from the 2016 USA Costa Limited Edition Collection comes with:

     - Special box
    - Custom sunglass case
    - C-Mask, sticker
    - Cleaning cloth


    Where To Get Your 2016 USA Costa Limited Edition Sunglasses

    Find the perfect pair of Costa USA limited edition sunglasses for your needs online at SportRx. If you need a little help in the seeing department, you’re in luck. Costa USA limited edition prescription sunglasses are a real thing and the SportRx opticians are the real deal. Once you find your favorite pair, we’ll deliver you the best Costa USA Limited Edition prescription sunglasses. If you have any questions pertaining to Costa USA limited edition sunglasses, Costa sunglasses, or prescription sunglasses in general, we’re here for you, every day of the week! Contact us via phone, email or LiveChat and we’ll be sure to help you out.

  • Costa Sunglasses: Picking Out the Perfect Polarized Lens

    Costa Lens Guide, Costa Lenses, Costa Lens Technology

    Costa Sunglasses: The Best Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

    Whether you're an outdoor adventure seeker or you're born to live life on the water, leave it to Costa sunglasses to provide you with the best visual experience while doing the things you love. Costa lenses were inspired by hardcore fishermen who were fed up with subpar sunglasses. So, they dreamed up some shades and lens technology that could tackle the tough conditions that they had to endure on a daily basis. Thus, Costa sunglasses were born and within each pair, lies the clearest, most polarized lenses you could ever hope for.

    Lens Philosophy 

    Costa lenses go beyond polarization to save your eyes from the sun's harmful rays, and enhance your overall experience. The innovators of Costa sunglasses understand that light conditions are constantly changing.  Costa lenses feature 6 color options, and superior lens technology and lens materials, which all serve as beneficial lenses for a variety of environments that range from low-light to extremely bright light. 

    The Finer Details of Costa Lenses

    Lens Technology | Costa 580

    Costa 580 lens technology produces the clearest vision on the planet.  This technology makes it possible to selectively filter out the harsh yellow and harmful high-energy ultraviolet blue light, making colors brighter and objects appear more defined.

    Costa Glass Lenses & Costa Plastic Lenses

    When buying your new pair of Costa sunglasses its key to understand the differences between their glass and plastic lenses.  All Costa lenses have 100% UV blockage for maximum protection and 100% polarization to kill reflected glare.  Costa's glass lenses were created to function flawlessly in situations that require ultimate clarity.  Costa plastics lenses were created to be both, more cost effective and more durable without sacrificing clarity.

    Costa 580G (Lightwave Glass)

    - Superior Clarity
    - 20% thinner and 20% lighter than average polarized glass
    - 100% polarized to kill glare and reduce eye strain
    - 100% UV protected for maximum protection
    - Encapsulated mirrors

    Costa 580P (Plastic)

    - 580 Clarity
    - Lightweight and durable
    - Impact and scratch-resistant
    - Out-perform every other lens in the industry
    - Repel oil, water and dust for ease of cleaning
    - Available in mirrors
    - 100% polarized
    - 100% UV protected

    A Look in the Mirror 

    Costa 580 mirrors are not like any old mirror lens. These babies are produced through vacuum ion deposition for superior scratch and impact resistance, and maximum durability! C-Wall is is the outside layer of oil-repellent and water-repellent abrasion-resistant technology that is molecularly bonded to the lens, whereas non-Costa mirror lenses are just coated on and easily damaged or scratched. Premium anti-reflective (AR) coatings are applied to the back surface of 580P mirror lenses to eliminate bounce-back reflections. 

    Lens Colors

    Costa lenses are available in seven colors, each one designed for specific conditions. Choose from the following to match your needs for different weather conditions in your favorite outdoor environments. 

    Costa Lens Diagram (1)

    Costa Sunglasses & Costa Prescription Sunglasses Online

    Need Costa sunglasses or Costa prescription glasses? Browse the large collection of Costa sunglasses online at SportRx, shoot us an email with any questions you have, or feel free to hit us up and speak with an optician about which Costa sunglasses are the best fit and style for you! When you buy Costa sunglasses or Costa prescription sunglasses online or in store, you're buying the best product from a company that understands the adventurous group of customers. 

  • Oakley Sliver XL Sunglasses | Product Review

    The Oakley Performance Lifestyle Collection is driven by athletes who see every day eyewear as an expression of personality. The new Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses fulfill those desires and so much more. Adding to the men’s Performance Lifestyle Collection, Oakley took the sleek build of the ever-so-popular Sliver, and extended lens height to create the Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses. This new rendition of the Oakley Sliver was designed for those with a larger sized head who want an extended field of downward vision. Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses feature confident styling with smoothly squared lenses and a frame design engineered for all-day comfort.

    Oakley Sliver XL Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley Sliver XL PRIZM Daily Sunglasses Oakley Sliver XL PRIZM Daily Sunglasses

    5 Noteworthy Features of Oakley Sliver XL Sunglasses:

    1 | Lightweight O-Matter: stress resistant, durable frame material that provides all-day protection and comfort

    2 | Three-Point Fit: features straight-back temples that work to keep your frames in precise optical alignment while also eliminating pressure points

    3 | Plutonite Lenses: enhanced UV protection that filter 100% of all UV light including harmful blue light up to 400nm.

    4 | Highly Rx-able: with a 6 base lens curvature, these Oakley sunglasses can take on high prescriptions for superior vision in a good-looking, active lifestyle frame

    5 | PRIZM Daily Lenses: the Oakley Sliver XL is available with lenses that are fine-tuned to enhance the colors of any environment you take on in your everyday lifestyle

    Oakley Sliver XL Full Product Breakdown

    Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses deliver comfort, protection and clarity for life beyond just sports. There’s a number of frame and lens features that makes these Oakley men’s sunglasses a must have. Check out our detailed product review to learn more about what makes Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses excellent.

    Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses are the perfect pair of versatile shades, designed to enhance your day to day visual experience. There are a number of frame and lens color combinations to choose from, but we highly recommend getting a pair of Oakley Sliver XL PRIZM Daily sunglasses. And if you need them in prescription, your wish is our command. If you have any further questions about the Oakley Silver XL prescription sunglasses or Oakley prescription sunglasses in general, give us a call and we’ll take care of you.

  • Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses | An Unprecedented Visual Experience

    Oakley PRIZM Daily lenses fine-tune the environment we experience on a day-to-day basis in order to enhance colors and deliver a more pleasing, relaxing visual experience. These lenses improve comfort in varying light conditions in order to optimize your own lifestyle.

    Key Benefits of Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses:

     - Sharpens visual acuity so you can see more clearly and react more quickly

     - Enhances detail recognition to help you spot what you need to see in enough time to react

     - Optimizes your peripheral vision in order to see and track moving objects in all directions

     - Improves performance to help you compete with confidence

    - Makes dull colors richer and more vibrant for enhanced contrast, delivering an overall more pleasing visual experience

     - Enables deeper reds, a more lively blue sky, vibrant shades of yellow and orange, and blooming hues of green foliage to be seen

     - HDPolarized lenses block 99% of reflected glare, keeping eyes comfortable while driving

    How Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology Works

    Through the fine-tuning of individual wavelengths of color, PRIZM creates a visual sharpness like no other to reveal aspects in our day to day lives that would be missed by the naked eye.  With this revolutionary technology, normally washed out, flat, or dull landscapes now become rich in color and mentally stimulating.

    Top 3 Oakley PRIZM Daily Sunglasses

    1 | Oakley Latch SQ PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

    Oakley Latch SQ Sunglasses with Oakley Daily PRIZM Lenses Oakley Latch SQ PRIZM Sunglasses

    If style is what your looking for, then the Oakley Latch SQ is the frame for you.  Its sharp look is accompanied with rectangular lens shaping, classic keyhole bridge, and unique interior kick-up feature which clips on nicely to your shirt, all of which makes for the perfect blend of originality and convenience.  Although this sunglass might look like the perfect set of shades for kicking back on the beach, it's so much more. The Latch is also exceptionally functional with unbeatable Plutonite lenses, which offer top UV protection, filtering 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm.  To top it all off, the Latch also comes equipped with a Three-Point Fit for precise optical alignment and O Matter stress-resistant frame material creating a lightweight but very durable frame.

    2 | Oakley Turbine PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

    Oakley Turbine PRIZM Daily Sunglasses, Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses Oakley Turbine PRIZM Daily Sunglasses

    The Oakley Turbine is the perfect combination of active and daily wear due to its extreme durability and lightweight feel.  These Oakley sunglasses feature a three-Point fit for a precise optical alignment, and O-Matter stress-resistant frame material from long-lasting comfort. The addition of Plutonite lenses delivers top UV protection, as it works to filter 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm. Oakley Turbine PRIZM Daily sunglasses ensure optimal protection, comfort, and an enhanced visual experience wherever you wear them.

    3 | Oakley Sliver PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

    Oakley Sliver PRIZM Daily Sunglasses, Oakley PRIZM Daily Prescription Sunglasses Oakley Sliver PRIZM Daily Sunglasses

    The Oakley Sliver is the definition of sleek.  It's lightweight and stylish design makes for a pair of shades that can truly be worn wherever life might take you.  With the addition of Plutonite lenses for top UV protection, Three-Point Fit for precise optical alignment, and an O-Matter stress-resistant frame, these glasses can truly do it all.

    Where To Get Your Pair of Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses

    Find the perfect pair of Oakley PRIZM Daily sunglasses for your needs online at SportRx. If you need a little help in the seeing department, you’re in luck. Oakley PRIZM prescription sunglasses are a real thing and the SportRx opticians are the real deal. Once you find your favorite pair, we’ll get to work on crafting the best Oakley PRIZM Daily prescription sunglasses. If you have any questions pertaining to Oakley PRIZM lenses, Oakley lifestyle sunglasses, or prescription sunglasses in general, we’re here for you, every day of the week! Contact us via phone, email or LiveChat and we’ll be sure to help you out.

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