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  • Nike Baseball Sunglasses | It's All About the Show

    Nike Baseball Sunglasses, Nike Baseball Prescription Sunglasses

    The Nike Show Line is the perfect collection for all of the baseball players out there. Nike has specifically engineered these sunglasses with ball players in mind,  providing a custom pair of shades unique to your sport. Speaking of unique, have you ever wondered why Nike named this collection the Nike Show? Well, when you transition from the minors to the majors in baseball, it's called "to show." How fitting for some superior Nike baseball sunglasses.

    The Nike Show Collection | The Full Breakdown

    Since all three of these pairs come from the same collection, they share many of the same features. Nike baseball sunglasses focus on superior no-slip grip, stability, adjustability, and comfort. Keeping your vision clear is also important, so the dual lenses expand your peripheral view while the ventilated nose bridge helps prevent fogging. All three of these lightweight Nike baseball sunglasses are compatible with helmets and hats. Of course, each one is still unique, so we've highlighted the features and designs of each.

    Nike Show X2 Sunglasses



     - The standard of the show collection, each pair is based off of these sunglasses
    - Same frame as the X2 Pro, so you can interchange your lenses with the X2 Pro if you'd like
    - Slightly longer lens than the X2 Pro and the X2 XL
    - Width of lens: 69mm
    - Height of lens: 41mm
    - Distance between lenses: 13mm
    - Temple length: 139mm

    Nike Show X2 Pro Sunglasses



    - Lens has a sweep design to follow the cheekbone shape
    - Same frame as the X2, so you can interchange your lenses with the X2 if you'd like
    - Slightly shorter lens than the X2, but the same height as the X2 XL
    - Width of lens: 69mm
    - Height of lens: 39mm
    - Distance between lenses: 13mm
    - Temple length: 139mm

    Nike Show X2 XL Sunglasses



    - Slightly larger frame than the X2 or X2 Pro, just like the name says (XL)
    - Slightly wider lens than the X2 or X2 Pro
    - Sweep design to follow the cheekbone like the X2 Pro
    - Width of lens: 71mm
    - Height of lens: 39mm
    - Distance between lenses: 13mm
    - Temple length: 139mm

    Nike Show Prescription Sunglasses

    We know that protecting your eyes in the sun is important, and so is catching that fly ball. Nike baseball sunglasses promise 100% UVA and UVB protection so you don't have to worry about harming your eyes. The awesome opticians here at SportRx are always willing to fit you with your perfect pair of prescription sunglasses, even for baseball. All three Nike Show sunglasses are Rx-able, and for those of you with high prescriptions, we can even fit you with some inserts. If you have any questions about your Nike baseball sunglasses or prescription baseball sunglasses, contact us any day of the week.

  • Nike Tailwind & Nike Tailwind Swift Sunglasses | Engineered for High-Performance

    Nike Tailwind Swift Sunglasses, Nike Prescription Sunglasses

    Nike has never failed to impress athletes with performance-enhancing technology.  Producing one hit after another, capturing trusting athletes in every aspect of the sports world, Nike never ceases to amaze us with new releases of cutting-edge technology. The line of Nike running sunglasses are no exception to this technological excellence. To no surprise, Nike created a line of sunglasses that sets the bar for ground-breaking design. Whether you're looking for a pair of running sunglasses or prescription sport sunglasses, the Nike Tailwind and Tailwind Swift are two frames to keep in mind for a number of reasons.

    Nike Tailwind vs Nike Tailwind Swift | The Full Breakdown

    The Nike Tailwind and the Nike Tailwind Swift are far more similar than they are different. While they do have different lens shapes, both have the same frame design with the same performance-enhancing features. For both, fog-free vision is the name the name of the game. The Nike Flying Lens Technology creates a slight gap between the lens and the frames, allowing just enough airflow to circulate without inhibiting superior protection from wind and debris. The ventilated nose bridge and temple tips add value to their air flow and anti-fog properties. No matter where your sport passions reside, these two Nike sunglasses were designed to enhance your athletic performance.

    Nike Tailwind Sunglasses

    Nike Tailwind, Nike Tailwind prescription sunglasses Nike Tailwind Matte Obsidian with Deep Royal Blue Accents and Speed Tint Lenses

    Nike Tailwind Features:

     - Square-shaped lenses
    - A lightweight frame build offers exceptional comfort for hours of activity
    - Nike Flying Lens technology allows enhanced airflow and minimized fogging
    - Secure-wrap temples provide a snug, stable, fit
    - Nike Max Optics delivers perfect vision
    - Ventilated nose bridge and rubber temples vents add to airflow and comfort levels

    Nike Tailwind Swift Sunglasses

    Nike Tailwind Swift Sunglasses, Nike Tailwind Swift Sunglasses Nike Tailwind Swift Matte Anthracite with Voltage Green Accents and Grey Silver Flash Lenses

    Nike Tailwind Swift Features:

     - Upward, rounded lens design
    - Nike Flying Lenses provide reduced fogging
    - Nike Max Optics deliver precise vision
    - Warp frame and temple designed for added coverage, stability and comfort
    - Vented rubber temples enhance airflow

    Nike Prescription Sport Sunglasses

    Nike Tailwind and Tailwind Swift sunglasses are exceptional prescription sport sunglasses. Created for the most intense training, you can count on these to deliver untouchable sport-performance. Be it your daily exercise or your next big race,  you can't go wrong with these Nike sunglasses.

    If you're looking for a pair of high-Rx sport sunglasses to fulfill your athletic needs, we've got you covered with the best Nike Tailwind prescription sunglasses or Nike Tailwind Swift prescription sunglasses. Whatever your prescription, whatever your needs, we'll make it work! If you have any further questions regarding these frames, don't hesitate to give us a call. We're here and happy to help, 7 days a week.

  • Kaenon Sunglasses | It's All About That SR-91

    Kaenon Sunglasses, Kaenon Prescription Sunglasses

    Everything You Need to Know About Kaenon Sunglasses

    We had the opportunity to have a private, personal discussion with Kaenon’s Rx manager, Mark Vallejo. His passion for the brand is immediately apparent. Does he bleed Kaenon-orange? Well, we didn’t ask, but probably. What we did ask was: “If there was only one thing you would want us to know about Kaenon, what would it be?” His response: “SR-91.” This is not surprising for a world-class sunglass company. What makes Kaenon sunglasses truly great are their lenses.

    What are Kaenon SR-91 Lenses?

    SR-91 is their proprietary lens material. While a lot of companies do a great job with making a flagship lens out of lens materials that are readily available, Kaenon decided to start completely from scratch. They had such big plans, they could not trust anyone else to have a hand in their identity. What makes SR-91 so special? It combines the benefits of glass without any of the downsides. This means glass-comparable scratch resistance and clarity, yet still lightweight and impact resistant. You cannot reasonably ask for more; we promise because we know.

    A Common Theme in Every Pair of Kaenon Sunglasses

    All of their lenses utilize their SR-91 material. They are also all digitally surfaced, which means the best possible optics on top of the best possible optics. This, of course, includes all of their prescription lenses. That’s our favorite part. Not only are the optics crazy sharp, but it also helps to increase depth perception. He casually dropped a statistic of 30% of the LA Dodgers being Kaenon converts. He is able to brag about reports of players’ increased batting averages. We were impressed. How could we not be impressed?

    Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses at Their Best

    It was important for him that we knew that their innovation does not stop at the material. They created a polarizing filter called Glare86. You will only see this in SR-91 because it was engineered specifically for their lenses. While everyone else is using the same kind of polarizing filter, Kaenon makes their own. They are only interested in perfect. This is important because, since they created the lens material and the polarizing filter, they were able to make the bond between the two stronger than otherwise possible. That means no more cracking or peeling. That means no lens splitting at rimless drill mount holes. No more de-laminating!

    Kaenon is an exceedingly impressive sunglass company and we are honored to have them as one of our top picks for meeting your most important eyewear needs. Contact us and stay tuned for more insight into the brand and what they have to offer. We can hardly wait to tell you more!

  • Prescription Football Goggles: Ultimate Buyer's Guide

    The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Finding the Best Football Goggles and Prescription Goggles

    Everyone knows that football is the sport to play, but with all of the possible injuries occurring, its no wonder moms are starting to rebel against it. Put some of those valid worries to rest with some football glasses or prescription football goggles! We are here to give you the ins-and-outs of football glasses and prescription football goggles so you can be sure to get the best so you can play your best!

    Safety and Perfect Vision on the Field are Key

    If you want to excel out there on the field, you're going to want to make sure your vision is in tip-top shape and eye safety on the field is your top priority. Even if you have been blessed with 20-20 vision, the right football goggles or football glasses can drive you to your optimal performance.

    See Better, React Faster

    The right football eyewear will help you see better and react faster, giving you an added edge over your competitors. Football goggles and prescription football goggles are specifically designed to keep your eyes safe, fit comfortably and securely and enhance your vision so you can feel like Superman out there on the field.

    When looking for the best pair of football eyewear, you're going to want to consider two major aspects: the make up of the frame and the lenses.

    Optimal Football Frame Features:

     - Anti-slip Nose Pads: The beauty of anti-slip nose pads is that they ensure a secure fit and maintain optical alignment throughout the entirety of a practice or game. These babies will stick to your nose even when you sweat. Rest assured your football glasses will stay in place so you can maintain your A-game.

     - High-Impact Resistant Frame: These are a must! Football is an intense sport and the reasons for a high-impact resistant frames are endlessness. A frame that can withstand any blow to the helmet or fingers to the face without breaking are your best bet when it comes to prescription football goggles.

     - Low-Profile Frame with Slim Temples: Low-profile frames with slim, straight-back temples are the way to go. These football glasses are helmet compatible, enabling a smooth fit and long-lasting comfort for all day wear on the field. Low-profile minimizes interference to your best game.

    Optimal Football Eyewear Lenses:

     - Polycarbonate, Impact-Resistant Lenses: You’re going to need lenses that are just about as tough as you are. We recommend polycarbonate, impact-resistant lenses since they are virtually unbreakable. They are crystal-clear and shatter resistance, that way you'll have the clearest vision possible on the field and you wont have to worry about a flyaway ball or fingers getting up close and personal with your eye. Thus, less for dear ol’ mom to worry about.

    - Polycarbonate lenses are not only durable, but they also have built-in UV protection, which comes in handy on those sunny days when you're out there on the field.

     - Anti-Fog Coating: We recommend anti-fog coating when it comes to football glasses or goggles in order to enable clear vision all the way to the final whistle. We know sweating bullets during practices or games are a part of the sport. Anti-fog destroys moisture and is sure to be your best defense against fogged football glasses or goggles.


    Wiley X Gamer Football Glasses, Prescription Wiley X Gamer Wiley X Gamer Prescription Football Glasses

    Our Football Glasses Recommendations:

    For most players, we recommend the Wiley X Gamer; for kids, we recommend the Wiley X Fierce. Both are great options for football use. Removable elastic straps enable easy switching between glasses mode and goggle mode. Low-profile frames and slim temple designs provide easy on and off. Anti-slip nose pads provide optical alignment, and the frames are durable as can be.

    All Wiley X football glasses and goggles are ASTM F803 certified - otherwise known as the highest protection rating possible. The lenses are not only made out of impact-resistant Polycarbonate, but can also be anti-fog coated. Both the Wiley X Gamer and the Wiley X Fierce are available as prescription football goggles. These Wiley X sports glasses or goggles are durable, comfortable, reliable, and bound to enhance your performance on the field.

    Wiley-X Fierce football goggles, Wiley X Kids Prescription Football Goggles Wiley X Fierce Football Goggles for Kids!

    We're Here to Help!

    We know there are many things to take into consideration while picking the perfect pair of football goggles or prescription football goggles. Our guide was created to give you a better understanding of what to look for in football glasses or prescription football goggles.

    Search online at SportRx for the best pair of sports goggles. If you have any questions, just give us a call or go online to LiveChat with one of our friendly opticians! We are always happy and willing to help you throughout your entire shopping experience.

  • Prescription Football Visors: It’s not a thing. Prescription Football Goggles Is.

    Prescription Football Visors: It’s not a thing. And here’s why:

    1) One reason prescription football visors are not a thing is a football visor has entirely too much curve. When it comes to optics, curve = distortion. This is why many prescription-wearers have a tough time getting Rx sunglasses with a lot of “wrap” or curve (unless they've found SportRx, of course!). The distortion created by the curve is oftentimes referred to as “the fish bowl effect.” Compared to the curve of a sunglass lens, the curve of a football visor is even more extreme.

    2) Another issue preventing the development of prescription football visors is something called “vertex distance.” This is the distance between the eyes and the corrective lens, which in this case, is the prescription football visor. The football visor sits farther away from the eyes than would a pair of glasses. This increased vertex distance makes the corrective prescription in a football visor ineffective.

    So if there’s no such thing as a prescription football visor, what is the best prescription solution for football players? The honest truth is there is no great solution; there are only less-bad solutions (is that a word?). Our solution is the least-bad solution out there. (What a sales pitch!)

    First and foremost, the best prescription eyewear solution for football players are contact lenses. However, contact lenses are not always a viable solution for everybody – especially when it comes to kids. Other times it’s a matter of the contact lenses drying out or not being secure enough. We've worked with athletes who struggle with their contacts falling out every time they take a hit on the football field.

    So what do you do if contact lenses are out of the question? Over the years, we've found one thing to be the best solution for athletes: Prescription football goggles.

    Here's what you need:

    Eric Dickerson goggles, Eric Dickerson Prescription Football Goggles NFL Great Eric Dickerson Rockin' the Football Goggles

    1) Prescription Football Goggles. So the best prescription eyewear solution we have is a good ol' fashioned pair of sports goggles. Similar to the Eric Dickerson look – but not quite.

    What we would do is put the prescription in the goggles, and then put an anti-fog coating on the lenses. The Rec Specs Maxx 31 is the go-to football goggle. There is also a smaller version called the Rec Specs Maxx 21 which is great for pee wee football players; however, the Maxx 31 is the most popular size when it comes to adults and older kids. Rec Specs is a leader in making protective, safety-rated sports goggles and they are fantastic for football.

    2) Anti-Fog Coating. The anti-fog coating is a must! It’s a really great defense against fogging, however, fogging will never be 100% prevented. This is especially true when it comes to football players because football is a game of starting and stopping, which causes the rising and cooling of body temperature, which then accelerates the fogging of the lenses. Nevertheless, the anti-fog coating combats this issue pretty well.

    Rec Specs, Rec Specs Maxx 31 Rec Specs Maxx 31


    3) Skull Cap. You can find a good skull cap at any sporting goods store. Under Armour and Halo make some great ones that wick away sweat. This helps the football goggles stay in place underneath the helmet.


    Halo Skull Cap black, Halo Skull Cap football Halo Skull Cap

    What you would do is put on the football goggles, put on the skull cap, and then put on the helmet. Now, if the helmet fits just right without wearing anything underneath it, the goggles will most likely not fit. In this case, you may need to weigh the option of getting slightly thinner helmet pads on the sides of the helmet (see video) so that everything fits underneath comfortably and securely.

    So to sum it up: Prescription Football Goggles + Anti-Fog Coating + Skull Cap = Best Prescription Eyewear Solution (thus far!) on the Football field. Perhaps technology will catch up with us one day; and when it does, we’ll be the first to let you know!

    If you have more questions about prescription football goggles (or why prescription football visors don’t exist) feel free to call or Live Chat with us to speak with a real sports optician.

  • Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross Dominate the Competition Wearing Oakley Green Fade PRIZM Stadium Sunglasses

    Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross, Oakley Green Fade, Rio 2016 Sunglasses

    When you think of beach volleyball at the 2016 Olympics, two names come to mind. Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross. These two have been dominating beach volleyball together ever since they became partners following the 2012 London Olympics, after Kerri Walsh Jennings and her now-retired partner, Misty May-Treanor, defeated April Ross and her former partner in the Gold Medal Match. This year at Copacabana Beach in the Rio 2016 Olympics, Kerri is going for her fourth consecutive Olympic Gold, while April Ross is looking to get her first.

    If you've been following Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross, then you've noticed their unique Oakley sunglasses. This year at the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Oakley Green Fade Collection is making a splash, and athletes in every discipline are wearing their sunglasses. April Ross has been rocking the Oakley Jawbreaker PRIZM Stadium Green Fade Edition sunglasses. It's a mouthful, we know, but they do the job. Kerri Walsh Jennings has also been wearing PRIZM Stadium sunglasses, but she prefers the Oakley EVZero Path frame.

    Oakley PRIZM Stadium Lenses | An Inside Look at Those Purple Lenses on the Olympic Court

    Oakley has created a new lens, specifically designed for and only available to the 2016 Rio Olympic athletes. PRIZM Stadium lenses are built specifically for indoor and nighttime Olympic Sports. Since Kerri and April have been playing most of their games at night, these lenses work perfectly for them. The technology uses some of the Oakley PRIZM dyes to enhance contrast while cutting out a bit of the glare from the stadium lights. Inserted into your traditional Oakley frames, the PRIZM Stadiums will compromise neither the athletes' sight nor performance. Talk about the perfect lens.

    Kerri and April received the PRIZM Stadium lenses only four days before their first match. And they were wearing them loud and proud. If Olympic athletes trust Oakley enough to wear these lenses with very little testing, then we know the PRIZM Stadium are great quality. Unfortunately, these lenses are not available to the public. Yet. With such a quality lens, we hope that one day they are.

    Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross in Oakley Green Fade PRIZM Stadium Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross Rock Oakley Green Fade Sunglasses with PRIZM Stadium lenses

    Wearing their Oakley PRIZM Stadium glasses, Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross started the Olympics off with a bang. Their first match against Australia ended after two sets, Kerri and April winning by 7 and 8. Easy stuff. The next match came just as easily. China was defeated by 5 and then by 12. Walsh Jennings/Ross then faced Switzerland, who put up a tough fight. After winning the first then losing the second set, Kerri and April pulled through in the final set to win it. These three matches completed pool play, and the two amazing athletes moved on to the Round of 16. Right on track for gold.

  • What Really Happened in Rio

    An Inside Look at Rio During the 2016 Olympic Games

    SportRx’s Dan Bruton and Rob Tavakoli traveled to Rio de Janeiro along with Team USA eyewear partner, Oakley. What they saw is not what they were expecting to find.

    SportRx's Dan and Rob  at the RIO Olympics with the Oakley Crew! SportRx's Dan and Rob at the RIO Olympics with the Oakley Crew!

    Leading up to the trip, the two were preparing for the worst: Zika, contaminated water, dangerous streets – all the things you’ve probably heard circulating in conversations around Rio. So they loaded up on OFF!, surrounded themselves with extra security detail, and did not plan on taking a dip in the waters of Rio de Janeiro.

    The Water of Copacabana Beach was Clear as Can Be The Water of Copacabana Beach was Clear as Can Be

    What they did see might surprise you: clear-water beaches, security at every corner, and no chatter about the Zika virus among locals whatsoever. Rob may have spotted a single mosquito during the entire trip. Pretty much the worst thing that happened was waiting in line for an hour to get an order of French fries at Opening Ceremonies concession stands.

    The hysteria created around these concerns caused Olympic athletes to consider skipping the 2016 games – one including Rory McIlroy along with six others among the world’s top golfers. However, it didn’t stop these two guys from San Diego. And they returned safe, sound, and in one piece.

    Sunglass Rob Kickin' It with Professional Rugby Player, Nick Cummins Sunglass Rob Kickin' It with Professional Rugby Player, Nick Cummins
    Sunglass Rob Hangin' Out with 10x Track and Field Olympic Medalist, Carl Lewis Sunglass Rob Hangin' Out with 10x Track and Field Olympic Medalist, Carl Lewis

    Like the SportRx Facebook Page for an insider look at what happened at the Rio 2016 Olympics!

    Oakley Green Fade EVZero, Oakley Green Fade Collection

    Oh, and if if you’re wondering: what are those green glasses Olympic athletes are wearing? check out the Oakley Green Fade Collection.

  • 9 Best Motorcycle Sunglasses of 2016

    In honor of the 76th Annual Sturgis 2016 Motorcycle Rally, and we're breaking down the top 2016 picks for the best motorcycle sunglasses just for you. We know that the inner biker in you has always dreamed of going to Sturgis to ride thousands of miles just to do so, feeling the wind in your face and the hum of the motorcycle beneath you. And we want you to be prepared with motorcycle goggles or motorcycle glasses for those long miles on the road. We asked our expert opticians about the best motorcycle sunglasses on the market, and these are the top picks, some of which are great for open face helmets and others which are better for closed face helmets.

    1| Wiley X Boss Sunglasses

    Wiley X Boss Prescription Sunglasses, Wiley X Boss Motorcycle Frames, best motorcycle sunglasses Wiley X Boss Gloss Black Sunglasses with Grey Silver Flash Lens

    These sleek motorcycle sunglasses have been designed to work well with both open face and full face helmets. With lenses that meet high velocity and high mass impact standards, you'll never feel safer. The frames feature removable foam that will seal and protect your eyes from dust and other irritants. If you're looking for motorcycle frames that will keep you covered and provide optimal visual clarity, then these are the ones for you.

    2|Wiley X Sleek Sunglasses

    Wiley X Sleek Prescription Sunglasses, Wiley X Sleek Motorcycle Frames, best motorcycle sunglasses Wiley X Sleek Matte Violet Sunglasses with Grey Silver Flash Lens

    Another trusted Wiley X product, these motorcycle sunglasses are about as durable as they come. The shatterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-fog, UVA/UVB protective qualities of these lenses help you have better vision than ever. You'll see people all over Sturgis 2016 wearing these motorcycle sunglasses. They fit with both open and full face helmets, and feature the same removable foam to keep the dust from your eyes. As a smaller frame, the Wiley X Sleek works well for all those female bikers out there. Whether you're riding thousands of miles or just down the street, these motorcycle sunglasses protect your eyes from any element you may encounter.

    3| 7eye Panhead Sunglasses

    7eye Panhead Prescription Sunglasses, 7eye Panhead Motorcycle Frames, best motorcycle sunglasses 7eye Panhead Glossy Black Sunglasses with Sharpview Grey Lens

    The 7eye Panhead are motorcycle sunglasses on steroids. They feature a filtered orbital and ventilated seal on the inner frame , bendable adjustable temple arms, and a removable and replaceable AirShield foam. Also, the rectangular frames allow for peripheral vision so you can see other bikers coming up on your side. These sunglasses work whether you prefer an open or a full face frame, protecting you from the elements. For motorcycle frames that do it all, you want the 7eye Panhead.

    4| Oakley Sliver Sunglasses

    Oakley Sliver Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley Sliver Motorcycle Frames, best motorcycle sunglasses Oakley Sliver Polished Black Sunglasses with Black Iridium Lens

    For a fashionable pair of the best motorcycle frames that can be worn on and off the bike, Oakley Sliver sunglasses are the perfect fit. These lightweight yet durable frames will keep you comfortable all day long. The straight temples of these motorcycle sunglasses fit well underneath a full face helmet. And of course they're available in prescription. You'll be rocking these sunglasses not only at Sturgis but any time you get on your bike.

    5| Oakley Mainlink Sunglasses

    Oakley Mainlink Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley Mainlink Motorcycle Frames, best motorcycle sunglasses Oakley Mainlink Matte Black/Red Sunglasses with Black Iridium Lens

    We know it's hard to find a pair of motorcycle sunglasses that fit underneath a full face helmet, but the Oakley Mainlink does just that. These Oakley motorcycle sunglasses minimize the glare and provide optimized peripheral vision to give maximum clarity underneath your full face helmet. Oakley's earsock and nose piece technology will keep these frames exactly where you want them even when you sweat. Oakley Mainlink sunglasses are so versatile that you can even wear them when you get off your bike, so it's a two-for-one kind of deal.

    6| Bolle Spiral Sunglasses

    Bolle Spiral Prescription Sunglasses, Bolle Spiral Motorcycle Frames, best motorcycle sunglasses Bolle Spiral Shiny Black/Red Sunglasses with Polarized TNS Fire lens

    The Bolle Spiral are the only wraparound design motorcycle frames to make it on this list. And they're here for a reason. These sunglasses are known for their thermogrip nosepads and temple tips to ensure a non-slip fit no matter how much you sweat. The large frame is designed to fit bigger faces under either open face or full face helmets. One of the best motorcycle sunglasses on the market, the Bolle Spiral will keep you riding into the sunset.

    7| Bobster Cruiser Sunglasses

    Bobster Cruiser Prescription Goggles, Bobster Cruiser Motorcycle Frames, best motorcycle sunglasses Bobster Cruiser Black Goggles with Smoked Reflective Lens

    Sometimes you just need a pair of motorcycle goggles protect you from the wind as you zoom down the highway. The Bobster Cruiser goggles are an ideal fit for both open face and half helmets. With the foam seal and dual ventilation slits, it will feel like nothing is there. You don't have to worry about protection while wearing these motorcycle frames, and with the option to add your prescription, you can see clearer than ever.

    8| Bobster Cruiser II Sunglasses

    Bobster Cruiser II Prescription Goggles, Bobster Cruiser II Motorcycle Frames, best motorcycle sunglasses Bobster Cruiser II Black Goggles with Smoked Lens

    The Bobster Cruiser II has many of the same features as the Bobster Cruiser, except it's a slightly smaller lens. You get the same wind protection and ventilation, but now you can interchange the lenses of the Bobster Cruiser II, just what you wanted! These motorcycle frames have you covered on your long drives cross country (ahem Sturgis enthusiasts), and you won't miss a thing.

    9| Bobster Piston Sunglasses

    Bobster Piston Prescription Goggles, Bobster Piston Motorcycle Frames, best motorcycle sunglasses Bobster Piston Black Goggles with Smoked Lens

    We know that some of you bikers have high prescriptions, so if that's the case for you, the Bobster Piston motorcycle frames are the right pair for you. You can wear these goggles with either an open face or a half helmet. No problem. No discomfort. Just riding. Other features include a flexible rubber frame and open cell face foam. For a pair of motorcycle goggles that fit most face sizes, including women's, the Bobster Piston does not disappoint.

    Prescription Motorcycle Sunglasses Online!

    All of these motorcycle frames are available in prescription, so you can have optimal visual clarity. After all, who wouldn't want to see all of nature's beauty while out riding on the open road. South Dakota has a lot of hidden beauty, so don't miss out on it during your annual trip to Sturgis. Call one of our SportRx Optical Ninjas if any of these motorcycle sunglasses stand out to you, or for any other questions regarding prescription motorcycle goggles or glasses. We can help you find the perfect pair to keep you out on the road.

  • Smith ChromaPop Lens Guide | Experience is Everything

    Whether you are fishing, biking, hiking, or simply relaxing on the beach, the experience of crisp, clear vision is everything you need to enhance. The optical wizards at Smith went above and beyond to develop the world's most advanced polarized lens that provides protection and clarity in every situation. Smith ChromaPop lens technology provides us with a lens that will protect your eyes all day, every day while making every detail pop.

    What is Chromapop?

    Chromapop is Smith's proprietary lens technology that allows your eyes to see true color. This technology filters out distorted color confusion that causes eye fatigue and vision distortion. These lenses will truly bring an amazing "pop" of color and enhance any outdoor experience through unmatched contrast.

    How Chromapop Lenses Work

    All visible light is composed of 3 colors- blue, green, and red. Naturally, our eyes can clearly distinguish these 3 colors, but when these colors start to overlap, "color confusion" occurs. ChromaPop Lenses filters out 2 specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion, resulting in an increase in clarity & higher definition.

    ChromaPop Lens technology, prescription smith sunglasses

    Advantages of Smith ChromaPop Lens Technology:

    -Better Experience: Sharper, more vivid and clear colors

    -Less Work: Don't have to work as hard to see details, reducing eye fatigue

    -Faster Performance: You can respond quicker & more confidently and with more visible detailsSmith Optics Chromapop Lenses, Blue Light Filter Sunglasses

    ChromaPop+ Polarized vs. ChromaPop Polarized: Whats the difference?

    ChromaPop+ Polarized Lenses:

    - Lens material: impact resistant polymer

     - Benefits: Trivex polarized lenses bring extreme durability, water resistance, scratch resistance and 100% UV protection to the table. Visual acuity similar to glass. Even more impressive, the ChromaPop+ Polarized brings even more clarity than polycarbonate lenses while maintaining an ultralight weight (up to 10% lighter) feel.

    ChromaPop Polarized Lenses:

     - Lens material: impact resistant carbonic

    - Benefits: Polycarbonate polarized lenses offer visual comfort and impact protection with enhanced glare reduction, while simultaneously giving you a water resistant, oil resistant, anti reflective and 100% UV protected lens.

    ChromaPop Lenses:

    - Lens material: impact resistant carbonic

    - Benefits:  the ChromaPop polarized lens delivers visual comfort and impact protection topped off with an anti-reflective, water and oil resistant coatings + 100% UV protection.

    Smith ChromaPop Lens Colors | What lens color is right for you?

    Smith offers different tints for different environments to ensure you are getting the most beneficial optical experience out there. The following environments have various tint options to make sure you can pick the best color for the environments you are surrounded by most. Smith Lens ColorsSmith Lens Colors



    Best Fishing and Fly Fishings Lens Colors:

    Bronze mirror: This tint is specifically designed for medium to bright, in-shore conditions. Made specifically with fresh water fisherman in mind, the ChromaPop Polarized Bronze Mirror lens offers a glare reducing, color-enhanced visual with high contrast reds, blues, and greens.

    Blue mirror: This Blue Mirror tint is specially made for bright, sunny open-ocean conditions. This lens tint, the darkest ChromaPop tint offered, is the only tint other than the bronze mirror that isn't applicable to multiple environments. The blue mirror lens is geared towards saltwater fisherman or any off-shore waterman seeking to cut glare, eliminate reflections, and maximize clarity.

    Platinum: The platinum lens is perfect for road and/or ocean conditions. The Platinum lens tint performs best in bright conditions and features a reflective lens coating that effectively decreases the amount of light transmission.

    More information and specifics on the best fishing sunglasses and lens filters, here!

    Additional fishing lens color options:

    Fresh Water: Ignitor, Bronze

    In-Shore:  Ignitor, Brown, Bronze Mirror

    Deep Ocean: Ignitor, Gray Green, Platinum, Blue Mirror

    Best Lens Color Options for Road, Trail and Field Conditions:

    Road: Ignitor, Platinum, Gray Green

    Trail: Ignitor, Brown, Gray Green

    Field: Ignitor, Brown

    Popular Smith ChromaPop Sunglasses and Prescription Sunglasses:

    Smith Outlier Sunglasses

    Smith Outlier Prescription sunglasses Smith Outlier

    Smith Outlier sunglasses, also available in XL, is perfect for the seriously active individual. A careful modern refinement to the legendary Smith brand DNA, its clean lines are complemented by performance features and detailed technical elements. Features include: eco-friendly Evolve frame material, hydrophilic Megol nose and temple pads, Rx-able.

    Smith Lowdown Sunglasses

    SMith Lowdown prescription sunglasses Smith Lowdown

    These Smith sunglasses combine a bold, lightweight frame with a cool, classic style.  Perfect for your every day look, the Lowdown (also available in XL) offers enhanced details for understated performance and a comfortable fit. Features include: durable Evolve frame material, impact- resistant lens, form-fitting hydrophilic Megol nose and temple pads, prescription-ready.

    Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses

    Smith Guides Choice Smith Guides Choice

    Smith Guides Choice sunglasses continue to exceed the needs and expectations of Smith sunglass critics around the world. These lightweight frames are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who values both performance and style. Features: Hydrophillic megol nose and temple pads, premium Italian spring hinges, wide temples and an aggressive wrap for superior light protection

    Smith Dover Sunglasses

    Smith Dover prescription sunglasses Smith Dover

    Smith Dover will keep you protected on any adventure that you may have in store. Find all-day comfort with the Dover's superb lens overage and glare eliminating coatings. Features: Evolve Frame Material, sculpted temples, stainless steel spring hinges, prescription ready.

    Smith Redmond Sunglasses

    Smith Redmond prescription sunglasses Smith Redmond

    Smith Redmond sunglasses are equipped with more than just your ChromaPop needs. With classic styling and exceptional coverage, these shades will provide you with unsurpassed optical clarity. Features: 8 base wrap, Techlite glass lens technology, narrow lightweight temples, spring-hinge, Megol nose and temple pads

    Smith Ridgewell Sunglasses

    Smith Ridgewell prescription sunglasses Smith Ridgewell

    Smith Ridgewell offers the best optical clarity in addition to a classic, timeless style. These high quality, high performing shades are designed specifically to fit a smaller profile. Features: 8 base wrap, Techlite glass technology, narrow lightweight temples, premium spring hinges and megol nose and temple pads.

    Smith Bridgetown Sunglasses

    Smith Bridgetown prescription sunglasses Smith Bridgetown

    Bringing a more feminine frame to the table, Smith Bridgetown offers a combination of elegance and bold style through a round lens profile. This refined, smooth design has subtle performance detailing that may surprise you. Features: Lightweight frame constructed of Evolve eco-material,  megol nose pads, metal bridge detailing.

    Smith ChromaPop Prescription Sunglasses Online at SportRx!

    Smith ChromaPop Lens Technology offers quality protection along with crisp vision that will make sure every detail "pops." Ready to see the world through with its every color? SportRx offers Smith ChromaPop Lens technology with your individual prescription to make sure you're vision is crystal clear. Every frame on our list of favorites is available with ChromaPop prescription lenses. Questions on Smith ChromaPop Lens Technology or how to make your Smith Sunglasses Rx-able? Feel free to give our SportRX opticians a call, available 7 days a week!

  • Oakley PRIZM Trail | The Only Way to Take the Road Less Traveled

    Oakley PRIZM Trail | Made for Those Who Live Life Off the Beaten Path

    Oakley has re-written the tale of sport-performance sunglasses with the evolution of PRIZM lens technology. Oakley PRIZM Trail lenses are no exception to this story. This lens technology guarantees a whole new edge to your riding experience every time you hop on the trail. Pro mountain biker, Stephane Roch, is a true testament as to why Oakley PRIZM Trail lenses are the only way to see with the utmost clarity while out on the back roads.

    Behind the Innovation of Oakley PRIZM Trail

    PRIZM lenses are truly your best bet for ultimate sport-performance because they truly cater to your specific environment, optimizing your vision for the things you’ve been missing out on. The mad scientists at Oakley walk us through the ways in which Oakley PRIZM Trail lenses enable you to see what you’ve been missing on all your rides.

    During off-road activities, such as running, hiking, and especially biking it is crucial to be able to recognize the conditions, and more importantly the continuously changing of conditions. Oakley PRIZM Trail lenses do just that so you can react quick, and spend less time thinking about what’s coming up.  The lens technology will not only enhance contrast of the things you need to see, but they’ll also sharpen edges of plants, trees, and roots, while working to enhance the colors in your trail environment.

    Analyzie the Trail Less Traveled with Oakley PRIZM Trail Lens Technology

    PRIZM Train enhances reds and browns so you can quickly spot sand, rocks, root and other transitions in shade and bright light. The PRIZM Trail lens is exceptionally important for downhill mountain biking because it helps the rider spot subtle variations in shades of brown, enabling better sight of obstacles and subtle transitions in dirt conditions.



    - Enhances reds and browns

    - Plants and foliage colors become more vivid

    - Enhanced vision in both bright light and shadows

    Top 5 Oakley PRIZM Trail Sunglasses

    Enjoy your overall downhill experience more than ever before with a pair of the best Oakley PRIZM Trail sunglasses.  The Trail Collection is also the perfect collection to endure the physically demanding activities that live off road. These Oakley PRIZM Trail sunglasses will rest comfortable on your face while surpassing your clarity and contrast expectations.

    1 | Oakley Flak 2.0 XL PRIZM Trail Sunglasses 

     Oakley Flak 2.0 XL PRIZM Trail Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley PRIZM Trail Lenses Oakley Flak 2.0 XL PRIZM Trail Sunglasses

    Oakley Flak 2.0 XL brings a ruggedly durable, ultra-lightweight frame to life. The XL edition offers maximized lens coverage and fights off wind, sun, and impact. This frame also features Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads to ensure a no-slip grip, even when you sweat. Constructed of stress-resistant O-Matter material, this comfortable frame is complimented by High Definition Optics that supply top of the line optical clarity and razor-sharp vision all day long. For a pair of prescription cycling sunglasses that'll be sure to enhance your experience, you can't go wrong with a pair of Oakley Flak 2.0 XL PRIZM Trail sunglasses or PRIZM Trail prescription sunglasses.

    2 | Oakley Jawbreaker PRIZM Trail Sunglasses 

    Oakley Jawbreaker PRIZM Trail, Oakley PRIZM Trail Lenses Oakley Jawbreaker PRIZM Trail Sunglasses

    Oakley Jawbreaker is the complete, High Definition Optics sport package. Worn by a high number of professional athletes around the world, this design does not compromise a thing. Oakley Jawbreaker PRIZM Trail sunglasses features surge ports for cooling airflow, Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads that actually increase grip with sweat, and Switchlock interchangeable lens technology that allows for easy lens switches that are fast and secure. These Oakley sunglasses are optimal for on the bike because their shield lens designs provides the utmost coverage.

    3 | Oakley Radar EV Path PRIZM Trail Sunglasses 

    Oakley Radar EV PATH PRIZM Trail, Oakley PRIZM Trail Sunglasses Oakley Radar EV Path PRIZM Trail Sunglasses


    Oakley Radar EV Path lives up to Oakley's reputation for revolutionary design. The Oakley Radar EV path features a taller lens that extends the upper field of view and especially works to enhance performance if traditional lenses touch your cheeks. This frame is also constructed of the durable O Matter material and is engineered to maximize airflow and ventilation to eliminate fogging and keep you cool for all day comfort.

    4 | Oakley RadarLock Path PRIZM Trail Sunglasses

    Oakley RADARLOCK™ PATH™ PRIZM™ TRAIL,  Oakley PRIZM Trail Sunglasses Oakley RadarLock Path PRIZM Trail Sunglasses

    These revolutionary sports sunglasses are the perfect choice is traditional lenses touch your cheeks and block your upper field of view. RadarLock sunglasses make lens changing faster and easier than ever due to Oakley's Switchlock technology. Oakley RadarLock Path PRIZM Trail sunglasses also feature Plutonite Lenses embodied by a lightweight and durable O Matter stress-resistant frame.

    5 | Oakley EVZero Range PRIZM Trail Sunglasses(non Rx)

    Oakley  EVZERO RANGE PRIZM™ TRAIL , Oakley PRIZM Trail Sunglasses Oakley EVZero PRIZM Trail Sunglasses

    Oakley EVZero Range Prizm Trail Sunglasses go above and beyond any cyclists needs. This design is Oakley's lightest sport performance frame that is complimented by an unobstructed view thanks to the rimless design of this Plutonite toric shield. Three-Point Fit holds these lenses into perfect optical alignment without creating pressure points. These Prizm Trail sunglasses also are constructed of O Matter material and feature Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads.

    Full Breakdown of Oakley PRIZM Trail Sunglasses

    The combination of both Prizm Lens Technology and the Trail Collection design offer a complete set of sunglasses prepared for every off-road situation. Durable, safe, and reliable sunglasses along with the new features of the Prizm technology makes these sunglasses superior.

    Enjoy Your Next Ride with Oakley PRIZM Trail Sunglasses

    If you have further questions about which PRIZM Trail sunglasses are for you, which frames are available as PRIZM Trail prescription sunglasses, or more general questions about the amazing innovation behind Oakley PRIZM lens technology, contact us at SportRx! We're happy to help you, 7 days a week!

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