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  • Prescription Ski Goggles Buyers Guide

    Snow Goggle Buyers Guide

    There's so much that goes in to finding the perfect pair of ski goggles, so we've created the perfect buyers guide to break down the components of what makes for an exceptional ski goggle. Once you browse through this step-by-step buyers guide of ski goggles & snowboard goggles, you can rest assured knowing you've considered all that goes into goggles and your final option is the one for you. We're confident this step-by-step ski goggles buyers guide will answer all your questions about prescription ski goggles.

    Snow Goggles Buyers Guide Top Brands

    Snow Goggles Buyers Guide Lens TypesSnow Goggles Buyers Guide Lens Tints Snow Goggles Buyers Guide Anti Fog Snow Goggle Buyers Guide The breadth of snow goggle shapes, sizes, features, bells, whistles, etc. can be overwhelming. But don’t be alarmed. We’re about to break down the process of how to buy the best ski goggles even further to help answer your questions about the details of each facet. So it goes here goes...

    Key things to consider when buying snow goggles:

    1. Popular Brands
    2. Lens Types
    3. Lens Tints
    4. Ventilation
    5. Prescription Snow Goggles


    Smith Optics, Dragon, ZEAL Optics, Oakley, POC, Anon Optics, SPY Optic, Electric, VonZipper, Nike and Scott are top contenders in the world of snow goggles. With the expansion of enhanced goggle technologies, these snow goggle brands remain in competition to one up each other. To no surprise, they they continue to exceed our snow goggle expectations. These brands produce ski goggles and snowboard goggles that are bound to take your adventure to the next level.    

    2. LENS TYPES:  There are two main types of snow goggle lens shapes: Cylindrical Lenses and Spherical Lenses. Here’s a breakdown of the difference between cylindrical vs. spherical goggles:

    Cylindrical Lenses (Flat Lenses) – cylindrical lenses curve across the goggle from left to right, however they are vertically flat between the forehead and nose.  

    - Price: Flat, cylindrical goggle lenses typically have a lower price point. They’ll get the job done, however, there are some things to consider before choosing cylindrical lenses over spherical lenses.  

    - Glare: Given its flat surface, they do not reflect glare from the sun as well as spherical lenses, as there is a larger surface area for UV rays to penetrate.  

    - Fog: The flatter surface of cylindrical lenses allows less volume between the face and the cold outside weather. This decrease in volume has been known to run a higher risk of fogging.  However, new goggle technology improvements, like the Oakley Inferno, better facilitate airflow and internal goggle temperature in order to maintain fog-free vision.

    - Vision: Cylindrical goggles have made improvements in the realm of field of vision. This lens design delivers wall to wall, top to bottom surface area, delivering peripheral views like never before. The new Oakley Line Miner is a true testament of these visual improvements.

    Oakley Line Miner Goggles, Oakley Line Miner prescription goggles Oakley Line Miner Goggles represent upgraded technology of cylindrical lenses with improved airflow and enhanced peripheral vision.

    Spherical Lenses (Curved Lenses) – unlike cylindrical lenses, spherical lenses not only curve across the goggle from left to right, but they also curve up and down goggle from top to bottom.  

     - Price: Spherical snow goggle lenses typically have a higher price point than cylindrical lenses, however, you sure do get your money’s worth.  

     - Glare: The curve of the spherical lens provides a better defense against glare, as it has fewer surface points for UV rays to penetrate.  

     - Fog: The curvature of the lens also creates more volume between your face and the cold outside, therefore, facilitating exceptional ventilation and defense against fog.  

     - Vision: The tapered design of spherical lenses provides a more optically-correct view through the goggles, therefore minimizing distortion and allowing for better peripheral vision.  

    Smith IO7 Chromapop Goggles, Smith IO7 Prescription Goggles Smith IO7 ChromaPop Goggles feature an ideal spherical lens shape for exceptional views and fog-free vision.

    From a fashion standpoint, it has become a trend to wear cylindrical lenses because of their retro-cool look. On the other hand, the real technical slope shredders are more interested in having the latest goggle technology, so they prefer spherical lenses. For this reason, goggle brands often release two versions of the same goggle with each type of lens. Ask an optician and they’ll recommend spherical lenses. Hands down.


    Skiers and snowboarders encounter a range of weather conditions on the mountain, and although there are versatile lenses to help adapt to different weather conditions, no single lens can optimally perform in all of them. That’s why the goggle-making geniuses have developed quick interchangeable lens systems to make changing lenses easy – even while you’re wearing gloves. Nevertheless, some slope shredders prefer one lens, while others prefer multiple lenses. Here are three types of lens options to help you adapt on the slopes:

     - Interchangeable Lenses: A lot of goggles nowadays are interchangeable and they generally come with two sets of lenses. The idea is you get one lens for bright conditions, and one lens for low-light conditions, easily interchangeable for ever changing weather conditions.

     - One Lens: The other school of thought is to get something in the middle that will work fine in either type of condition if you don’t want to change back and forth between lenses. It’s not exactly perfect in either bright or super overcast days, but it’s versatile enough to get you through a range of weather conditions with just one lens.

     - Photochromatic (light-reactive) Lenses: Photochromatic lenses are not very common when it comes to ski & snowboarding goggles. However, Smith Optics and Zeal Optics do offer some snow goggles with photochromatic lenses, providing you with even more versatility in a single lens.  Photochromatic lenses automatically react to changes in light conditions, adjusting the tint of the lens by darkening when it’s sunny, and lightening when it’s overcast. Changes in UV exposure triggers the lens to lighten or darken depending on how bright it is. Photochromatic lenses give you awesome adaptability by darkening when it’s sunny, and lightening as the sun goes down.

    3. LENS TINTS: There is a variety of different lens colors and tints, each designed to help riders adapt to changes in light conditions. Every lens tint varies in how much light they allow to pass through the goggle. The amount of light allowed through the lens is referred to as Visible Light Transmission (VLT). VLT falls along a range between 0% and 100%, meaning, the higher the VLT, the more light allowed through the lens, and vice versa. There are four families of snow goggle lens colors / lens tints:

     - Bright Conditions – A dark lens allows a low amount of light through the goggle, which is ideal for brighter conditions. They typically have a lower VLT between 5% and 20%, and are often mirrored to help deflect glare. These lenses are usually grey in color, however they often have a rose or brown base color to help enhance contrast vision, which is important for seeing in and out of trees and shadows.

    SPY Doom Goggles, SPY Doom Prescription Goggles SPY Doom featured with a Bronze-based, Silver-mirrored lens - exceptional for sunny days.

     - Medium/Bright Conditions - For those "partly cloudy - partly sunny" days, you're going to want a lens that works fairly well in a range of conditions. We suggest going with a medium copper, rose, and brown tints with a light to no mirror. The rose tint gives you some contrast vision for the overcast conditions, yet they can still provide some brightness protection for sunnier days. These lens tints will be your best bet to contrast when cruising down the mountain on those fair weather days.

    Oakley Flight Deck XM PRIZM Snow Goggles These Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles feature PRIZM Jade Iridium - a versatile lens for a range of weather conditions.

     - Low/Medium conditions - The best lenses for overcast days on the mountain are going to be a yellow / amber tint with or without a mirror. This type of tint will deliver the best contrast, enabling you to clearly see the bumps in the snow up ahead. The mirror lenses on these days aren't as necessary because there won't be much glare, however, they won't negatively impact your vision either.

    Smith IO Womns Snow Goggles featured with Chromapop Storm Smith IO Womens Goggles featured with ChromaPop Storm Lenses - ideal for low light conditions.

    4. VENTILATION: When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, fog has always been an enemy. Goggle technology in the last few years has come a long way and most of the newer, high-end goggles are pretty tough to fog. Ski and snowboarding goggle manufacturers have developed an arsenal of anti-fog ammunition to combat fog on the mountain:

     - Anti-Fog Coating – Most quality snow goggles on the market come equipped with an anti-fog coating on the inside of the goggle shield. An important thing to note is it’s best to avoid excessively touching the inside of the shield in order to preserve the anti-fog coating.

     - Vented Lenses – Most quality snow goggles have vents built right into the shield. Lens technology has become more advanced over the years, enabling goggle makers to be more strategic in terms of where to put the vents and how many.

     - Dual Lenses – Most medium-to-high-end goggles have dual lens technology. It’s basically two shields molded together that help to keep the heat from your face separated from the cold outside air. It functions similar to a dual window pane in your house, keeping it insulted to help prevent fog.

     - Fans – Smith Optics has an amazing Turbo Fan system in some of their goggle models, such as the Smith I/OX Elite Turbo. It has a little, battery-operated fan mechanism built right into the frame that sucks the moisture right out of the goggle.


    Prescription snow goggles have lens inserts that fit securely inside your goggle. You can find custom prescription goggle inserts for virtually any snow goggle at SportRx. These Rx goggle inserts are far more effective than over-the-glasses (OTG) goggles for three main reasons:

     - Anti-Fog. Prescription goggle inserts fight fog far better than OTG goggles And here's why: A) The Rx insert for your prescription goggles sits flush against the shield of the goggle, which is farther away from your face and closer to the shield of the goggle where the ventilation is. B) Unlike your eyeglasses, prescription goggle inserts are treated with an anti-fog coating – just like the one your goggle lens is coated with.

     - Comfort. Prescription snow goggles are far more comfortable than wearing eyeglasses underneath your goggles. For one, there is no temple pressure from the arms of your glasses; and two, you don’t have to mess with adjusting your glasses as they move around inside your goggle. Prescription goggle inserts stay in place and optically-aligned.

     - Safety & Damage Control. Let's face it. Regular prescription glasses are not the safest thing to have next to your eyes when you're bombing down slopes at 40+ MPH.  What’s more, if you take a spill, you risk damaging your only pair of everyday eyeglasses, or even worse, losing them in a sea of snow. Another alternative for prescription ski goggles is the option of prescription ski goggles without insert. The SportRx opticians have catered to those of you who would prefer to skip the inserts by customizing the SportRx XPF 120,  which are a true insert free snow goggle solution.

    We know it's a lot to take it, but hopefully this guide gives you a clear path toward owning that perfect pair of ski goggles for your next trip to the mountains. If you have any further questions about ski goggles or prescription goggles, please don't hesitate to call us.  We're here to help, 7 days a week!

  • Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses | Meet Your New Coach

    Oakley Radar Pace | The Evolution of Wearable Technology


    Technology speaks volume in the newest addition to the Oakley Radar family.  Oakley and Intel partnered together in an effort improve and enhance an athlete's training and performance. After years of research and development, they've accomplished just that with the development of Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses. Hot off the presses, and available October 15th, this new Oakley innovation is sure to deliver the perfect combination of performance innovation and advanced technology.

    An Inside Look at the New Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses

    Why are the Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses the most exclusive sunglasses on the market, you ask?

    Well, these sunglasses are one of the only wearable devices that not only collects data but also analyzes it through it's dynamic training program. The Oakley Radar Pace tracks, coaches and responds. We call it the ultimate trainer!

    Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses Featured in Black Matte/Prizm Road/Clear

    How the Oakley Radar Pace Tracks Your Workout:

     - Collects & Analyzes: your personal activity, including heart rate, power output, speed, cadence, distance and time, is categorized, recorded and stored, post-workout.

     - Calibrates To You: monitoring your performance like a real life personal trainer, the Oakley Radar Pace dynamically adapts and adjusts to your own abilities and fitness improvements, and caters to your desired workouts / sports.

     - Sensor Tracking: the Radar Pace analyzes data from internal sensors, and also has the ability to pair with your own devices that use ANT+ or Bluetooth.

    How the Oakley Radar Pace Coaches to Maximize Your Performance:

    Oakley Radar Pace Coaches

     - Dynamic Adjustment: automatically adjusts to your workout schedule and keeps you on track toward your personal goals.

     - Customized Training Programs: a custom, personalized training program designed for your performance and goals, helping you improve fitness and/or prepare for upcoming competition.

    How the Oakley Radar Pace Responds to Your Questions:

     - Dynamic Response: Oakley Radar Pace responds to questions through full Bluetooth and Siri-like capabilities to help guide you through your training - start to finish.

     - Guidance: Ask questions like: "OK Radar, what's today's workout?" "OK Radar, how's my pace?" "OK Radar, what's my power?" and Radar's responses will fill you in on what's been accomplished, what's at hand, and what's to come.

     Beautifully Designed for the Best Training Experience

    The Oakley Radar Pace doesn't compromise comfort for technology, and visa versa. These Oakley sunglasses are carefully crafted to fulfill all the durable, comfortable, and safety standards you long for, while also keeping you on your toes with the next best innovative technology. All things we've come to expect from Oakley.

    Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses featured in Matte Black/PRIZM Road

    Unparalleled Features of the Radar Pace include:

    - A touch pad that lives on the temples to control functions with simple taps and swipes, enabling you to easily adjust the volume, control music, make a call from your paired phone, and more.
    - Internal sensors help you improve your goals and performance through the pressure meter, accelerator, proximity, and humidity.
    - Oakley's 3-point system ensures a constant, secure fit.
    - O-matter frame material provides a durable, lightweight fit.
    - Impact protection meets ANSI Z87.1 test methods for high mass and high velocity impact resistant standards.
    - Interchangeable lenses enable optimized performance in any environment.
    - Water resistance up to IPX5.
    - Compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones enables music streaming and app capabilities.
    - Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses are rechargeable through a USD port.
    - Audio is performed through a microphone array and in-ear booms.
    - Music streaming capabilities.

    To ensure all your bases are covered, Oakley includes a variety of external pieces with every purchase of Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses. These include 2 Ear Buds, a hard case, a micro-bag, 2 nose pads, a micro USB Cable, and a Quick Start Guide, a clear lens for low light conditions, and a PRIZM Road interchangeable lens suitable for any outdoor activity including cycling, hiking, running, etc., and Aero clip wind guards for cyclists who bike more than 20 mph to enhance speaker performance.

    Now the questions is...what doesn't the Oakley Radar Pace do?

    Pretty much nothing! If you're looking for the best personal training device, or simply want to feed your passion for keeping up with the latest technology,  Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses are calling your name. If you have questions, we're excited to answer! Call or LiveChat with our friendly sports opticians 7 days a week, and we'll be happy to help wherever you need us.

  • The Newest from Nike Vision 2016-17

    The new Nike product release is all about bridging the gap between performance and style. New features bring grip, comfort, and detail to reach peak performance while simultaneously crossing over into daily street style. The 2016 Nike product release features a number of new Nike sunglasses and glasses that successfully blend the lines of style and function to push the boundaries of sport and lifestyle.

    New Nike Sunglasses

    The long summer days may have just passed us, but the sun's harsh rays hardly let up no matter what season it is. Nike pushed the limits this fall, bringing us a combination of features that ensure you'll look great while defying new limits. Take a look at some of our new Nike favorites, and treat your eyes this fall with a wide range of new Nike sunglasses.

    Nike Fleet Sunglasses 

    These new guys on the block perfectly balance style and performance, enabling you to focus on what's important.  The Nike Fleet is a scaled down version of the Nike Bandit that still upholds the technical features that maintain the frame's versatility. These new Nike sunglasses are a top choice for those who just can't say no to a pair of shades that can truly do it all. If you need a pair of prescription sports sunglasses that work for every walk of life, seek out a pair of Nike Fleet prescription sunglasses.

    Nike Fleet Prescription Sunglasses, New Nike Sunglasses Nike Fleet Sunglasses Featured in Matte Midnight Tortoise

    Nike Fleet Features:

    - Nike Max Optics provide precise clarity
    - Soft rubber arms repel moisture and enhance grip
    - Low profile nose pads deliver a light, "floating" feel
    - Small holes at the top of frame allow heat to escape and eliminate fogging

    Nike Flex Motion Sunglasses 

    The 'look good, play better' mantra comes to life in a pair of Nike Flex Motion sunglasses. These new Nike sunglasses were designed for the woman athlete who doesn't want to compromise performance for style, and visa versa. Nike Flex Motion sunglasses incorporate technical features with the look of aviator-inspired metal bar and round lenses to showcase classic style. Turn heads on and off the track with a pair of Nike Flex Motion women sunglasses.

    Nike Flex Motion Sunglasses Featured in Space Black. New Nike Sunglasses Nike Flex Motion Sunglasses Featured in Space Black

    Nike Flex Motion Features:

    - Nike Max Optics are incorporated to enhance clarity
    - A lightweight frame adds a level of comfort and performance
    - Soft rubber arms with wire core adds to the frame's adjustability and comfort levels
    - 6-base frame design delivers all day coverage and high Rx capabilities

    Nike Flex Momentum Sunglasses 

    The new Nike Flex Momentum sunglasses bring yet another stylish option to women athletes. The boundaries of style and performance have been entirely blended in these new Nike sunglasses, proving that you can rock these shades at all times. Rubber channels in temple arms simultaneously increase airflow and grip to fulfill the performance aspects you need, while a metal top accent and teardrop lenses meet the style components you want. Seek a pair of Nike Flex Momentum sunglasses for a pair of frames that does it all.

    Nike Flex Momentum Sunglasses Featured in Matte Anthracite, New Nike Sunglasses 2016 Nike Flex Momentum Sunglasses Featured in Matte Anthracite

    Nike Flex Momentum Features:

    - Nike Max Optics enhance visual clarity
    - A lightweight frame delivers all day comfort
    - Aviator inspired metal bar and frame design fulfill style desires
    - High tension hinges maintain durability

    Nike Flex Finesse Sunglasses

    An incredible frame design for the woman that needs her sunglasses to perform as well as she does comes alive in the new Nike Flex Finesse. These Nike women frames showcase an over sized, curvy look, made from lightweight nylon material that give a relaxed and comfortable fit. With a 6 base wrap design, it is easy for our team to covert these into the prescription sport sunglasses of your dreams.

    Nike Flex Finesse Sunglasses Featured in Matte Purple Dynasty, New Nike Sunglasses Nike Flex Finesse Sunglasses Featured in Matte Purple Dynasty

    Nike Flex Finesse Features: 

    - Lightweight Nylon frame material delivers lasting durability and comfort
    - 6 base wrap offers a relaxed fit and expansive coverage
    - Cam hinges provide form and fit

    Nike Essential Chaser Sunglasses

    The new Nike Essential Chaser sunglasses equip you with a tool to live free, and see life through the lens that you choose. Through this lens, the Essential Chaser sunglasses combine technical performance with style that'll never hold you back when living out your active lifestyle. If necessary, our team of opticians can turn a pair of Nike Essential Chaser sunglasses into your new favorite prescription sunglasses.

    Nike Essentail Chaser Sunglasses Featured in Matte Wolf Grey, New Nike Sunglasses 2016 Nike Essential Chaser Sunglasses Featured in Matte Wolf Grey

    Nike Essential Chaser Features: 

    - Lightweight Nylon frame heightens levels of lasting durability and comfort
    - Cam hinges work to maintain form and fit
    - 6 base wrap makes for expansive coverage and high Rx capabilities

    Nike Essential Venture Sunglasses

    These fresh new Nike sunglasses feature the perfect mix of performance and style, giving you the confidence and looks to dominate the day. Lightweight frames pulled into a classic design prove that function never compromises fashion. For the perfect pair of every day sunglasses that'll never grow old on you, seek out the Nike Essentail Venture.

    Nike Essential Venture Sunglasses Featured in Matte Black Nike Essential Venture Sunglasses Featured in Matte Black

    Nike Essential Venture Features: 

    - Nike MAX Optics provides precise clarity from every angle
    - A lightweight, durable nylon frame that stands the test of time
    - Cam hinges maintain form and fit
    - 6 base wrap delivers a relaxed, comfortable fit and high Rx capabilties

    Nike Essential Spree Sunglasses

    The world needs sunglasses that perform and look good on a wide variety of people living the active lifestyle. Luckily Nike has delivered another lightweight frame to keep up with your active life, and make sure you look good no matter what you're doing. A relaxed 6 base frame design gives optimal comfort and form so you never have to miss out on the action.

    Nike Essential Spree Sunglasses Featured in Matte Tortoise, New Nike Sunglasses 2016 Nike Essential Spree Sunglasses Featured in Matte Tortoise

    Nike Essential Spree Features: 

    - Lightweight nylon frame material provides unmatched comfort
    - Cam hinges keep the temples secure in place to maintain fit and form
    - 6 base wrap delivers unbeatable coverage and a highly Rx-able option

    Nike Essential Jaunt Sunglasses

    These new sunglasses from Nike offer a classic style with technical features that fulfill all your daily routine needs. Thanks to a lightweight, 6 base wrap design, the Essential Jaunt makes comfortable, reliable style a possibility.  These sunglasses meet every fashion and performance standard you can think of. One pair of Nike Essential Jaunt sunglasses does it all.

    Nike Essential Jaunt Sunglasses, New Nike Sunglasses 2016 Nike Essential Jaunt Sunglasses Featured in Matte Cargo Khaki

    Nike Essential Jaunt Features: 

    - Nike MAX Optics provide unmatched clarity from every angle
    - Lightweight nylon frame delivers exceptional comfort and durability
    - Cam Hinges snap your temples into place for a maintained secure fit
    - 6 base wrap offers a relaxed, comfortable fit

    Nike Flow Sunglasses

    Nike SB effortlessly continues to introduce swagger into sport. At the forefront of the action sports industry, Nike SB defines new age style, and brings forth technical features so that athletes can reach their peak performance while maintaining their look. These new Nike sunglasses prove no shortage of style, combining a simple yet edgy design that compliments the active lifestyle.

    Nike Flow Sunglasses Featured in Matte Tokyo Tortoise, New Nike Sunglasses 2016 Nike Flow Sunglasses Featured in Matte Tokyo Tortoise

    Nike Flow Features:

    - Internal iconic Nike SB branded temple tips
    - 6 base wrap design fulfills the action sports visual necessity
    - Acetate front and temples enable unique colorways in a durable, comfortable frame
    - De-bossed style name is included on the top of the frame

    New Nike Prescription Glasses

    Nike Fleet.0 Prescription Glasses

    The Nike Fleet.0 features a refreshing mix of style and performance, packs on a laundry list of technical features, and the classic look of the original Nike Bandit, only this time on a smaller scale. These new Nike prescription glasses are sure to turn heads, while keeping you at peak performance.

    Nike Fleet.0 Prescription Glasses, New Nike Prescription Glasses 2016 Nike Fleet.0 Prescription Glasses Features in Matte Black

    Nike Fleet.0 Features:

    - Soft rubber arms work to repel sweat and maintain grip
    - Low profile nose pads give a light, "floating" feel
    - Small holes at the top of frame allow heat to escape, and eliminate fogging
    - Available in Matte Black, Matte Anthracite, and Matte Obsidian

    Nike Live Free Collection

    Dual injected frames and lifestyle shapes full of colors and flow make up the wonderfully designed Nike Live Free Collection. These new Nike glasses are extremely lightweight and designed to fit your daily activities.

    Nike 7101 Prescription GlassesNike 7102 Prescription Glasses

    These stylish, purpose-driven eyeglasses are constructed with technical performance features that enable you to run wild.  The frame's temples allow for superior grip and comfort that let you live up to the "Live Free" mantra branded on the inside temple. The simple square shape guarantees that all champions will look great in either the Nike 7101 or Nike 7102. These similar (almost identical) Nike "Live Free" frames are two new top picks for a number of reasons that won't disappoint.

    Nike 7101 Prescription Glasses, New Nike Glasses 2016 Nike 7101 Prescription Glasses Featured in Matte Black
    Nike 7102 Prescription Glasses Features in Matte Seaweed, New Nike Glasses 2016 Nike 7102 Prescription Glasses Features in Matte Seaweed

    Nike 7101 & 7102 Features:

    - Dual injected temples for comfort and grip
    - Channels on inside temple for increased airflow
    - Lightweight frame for long lasting comfort

    Nike 8170 Prescription Glasses8171 Prescription Glasses 

    "Live Free" in these sophisticated prescription glasses that let you look good during your morning exercise and wherever else the day might take you. These ultra flexible Nike prescription glasses deliver a custom fit that delivers the comfort necessary to perform all day. The Nike 8170 offers a semi rimless frame for an unrestricted field of vision, while the 8171 boasts a sleek wire frame that suits many styles.

    Nike 8170 Prescription Glasses Featured in Satin Walnut Nike 8170 Prescription Glasses Featured in Satin Walnut
    Nike 8171 Prescription G;asses Featured in Gunmetal Nike 8171 Prescription G;asses Featured in Gunmetal

    Nike 8170 & 8171 Features:

    - Fully adjustable wire arm brings you the perfect fit
    - Dual injected temples delivers superior comfort and grip
    - 8170 is available in Satin Black, Gunmetal, Satin Walnut and Satin Blue
    - 8171 is available in Black, Gunmetal, Walnut and Satin Blue


    Nike has done an exceptional job of delivering endless options of versatile frames for all life's needs. You truly can't go wrong with any pair you choose. If you have any question about the new Nike collection, or are in need of some Nike prescription sunglasses, don't hesitate to give us a call! Our wonderful team of happy opticians are always excited to hear from you!

  • New SPY Sunglasses & Glasses Come to Life in a Fall 2016 Product Release

    The new collection of SPY sunglasses and SPY prescription glasses are bound to make you happy and keep you looking fresh this Fall.  During our time at Vision Expo West 2016, we got the chance to examine the finer details of the new SPY collection. Let’s just say, they’re definitely noteworthy. Here’s a closer look at some of the designs of and inspiration behind some of our new SPY favorites:

    SPY Wingate Sunglasses

    This new guy on the block is one of our favorites in the SPY Fall 2016 release. Unique, raw, industrial details make up the interesting construction of the SPY Wingate. Every style of this SPY frame represents clean, simple, classy, funky, and comfortable style all at once. Cover all aspects of your personality with one of the three SPY Wingate sunglasses.

    SPY Wingate Sunglasses featured in Matte Gunmetal with Happy Grey Green with Silver Mirror Lenses, new spy sunglasses SPY Wingate Sunglasses featured in Matte Gunmetal with Happy Grey Green with Silver Mirror Lenses

    SPY Wingate Features:

    - SPY Happy Lens technology

    - Handmade acetate and stainless steel materials

    - Suitable for large faces

    - Available in Happy Rx

    SPY Bellows Sunglasses

    Next up is our favorite mixed materials piece. SPY Bellows combines some thick plastic frame materials, with thin temples and a chunky metal nose bridge detail to deliver a unique vintage appeal.  These new SPY sunglasses uphold retro style with squared lenses and a half-rim frame – the kind of style that looks stunning on both men and women.

    SPY Bellows Prescription Sunglasses, SPY Bellows featured in Black Gold with Happy Grey Green Lenses, new spy sunglasses SPY Bellows Sunglasses featured in Black/Gold with Happy Grey Green Lenses

    SPY Bellows Features:

    - SPY Happy Lens and Trident polarization technology

    - Handmade acetate

    - Monel eye wiring and unique metal angular bridge

    - Suitable fit for small to medium faces

    - Available in Happy Rx

    SPY Stevie Prescription Glasses

    Introducing our next favorite: The Stevie. These SPY glasses feature a classic square frame with slightly softer edges. The Stevie is constructed entirely of acetate, which caters to their bold look. This new pair of SPY glasses delivers a great look for many faces, both men and women, especially those who aren’t seeking out the over-sized trend. The SPY Stevie is truly a grade A frame for every occasion.

    SPY Stevie Prescription Glasses featured in Dark Tortoise, new spy glasses SPY Stevie Prescription Glasses featured in Dark Tortoise

    SPY Stevie Features:

    - Acetate frame material

    - Spring hinges

    - Available in 3 unique style

     SPY Nelson Sunglasses

    This new pair of SPY glasses is impressive from all angles. The Nelson is a mixed material that works to deliver some really neat contrast. A stainless steel front and acetate temples delivers unique combination of textures and colors that’s unlike any other.  If you want to add a bit of funkiness to your daily wardrobe, the SPY Nelson just might be your frame.

    SPY Nelson Prescription Glasses featured in Matte Navy Dark Tort, new spy glasses SPY Nelson Prescription Glasses featured in Matte Navy Dark Tort

    SPY Nelson Features:

    - A rectangular shape that compliments both men and women

    - Stainless steel & acetate frame materials

    - Spring hinges

    - Available in 3 colorways

    SPY Holden Prescription Glasses

    These guys are our new favorite small fit frame. They feature a clean, classic square appeal, but spice things up a bit with some unique details. The SPY Holden is fashioned from handmade acetate with a stainless steel top bar, slight temple fin, and spring hinges. Metal and acetate combo is what ultimately defines the unique look of this new SPY frame.

    SPY Holden Prescription Glasses featured in Brushed Gunmetal Matte Greay Smoke, new spy glasses SPY Holden Prescription Glasses featured in Brushed Gunmetal Matte Greay Smoke

    SPY Holden Features:

    - Unisex design

    - Stainless steel & acetate

    - Spring hinges



    After getting some hands on sneak peeks at some of our new favorite frames, we’re stoked the launch is live. If you’re loving any of these frames like we are, and you need them in prescription, you know where to find ‘em! Questions about the collection or SPY Optic in general? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team of opticians is here and happy to help, 7 days a week!

  • Top 10 Fall Favorites | Eyewear Essentials for the 2016 Season

    With a new season, comes new style, and glasses are always an accessible way for everyone to change up their look. We're predicting bold-structured, black, brown, and tortoise-colored frames to fall among this seasons biggest trends in the world of eyewear.  Here's our top 10 fall favorites of 2016:

    1 | Oakley Steel Line R Prescription Glasses

    Unique, clean style and a comfortable design make up the the perfect fall favorite: Oakley Steel Line R prescription glasses. These Oakley glasses are molded with thin temples, subtle curvature, and durable Nano-matter, designed for satisfaction. The square lens structure and metal accents deliver a timeless look, ideal for both men and women.

    Oakley Steel Line R Prescription Glasses, Fall Favorites Oakley Steel Line R Featured in Matte Dark Amber

    Oakley Steel Line R Features:

    - New nose pad for long-lasting comfort
    - Three-Point fit & Unobtanium provides a secure grip
    - Lightweight steel plates & built-in hinges

    2 | Oakley Reversal Womens Prescription Glasses

    One of a kind solid to fade color scheme makes the Oakley Reversal a top pick. These frames bring back classic style with newly defined clean lines and a round silhouette design. There are a number of fade colors to choose from, but the brown fade best speaks to the fall trends.

    Oakley Reversal 52 Prescription Glasses, Fall Favorites Oakley Reversal 52 Prescription Glasses Featured in Brown Fade

    Oakley Reversal Features:

    - Adjustable wire core in temple
    - Ultra-light, dependable acetate frame material
    - Spring hinges for ultimate comfort

    3 | Smith Decoder Mens Prescription Glasses

    Smith Decoder prescription glasses uphold a modern design with clean, yet bold lines. These lightweight frames combined with cutting-edge, Eco-friendly materials create a look that speaks volume about your style. There are a number of colors to choose from, but for the purpose of our fall favorites collection, we chose Oxblood - a brown, mahogany accent, perfect for your new fall wardrobe.

    Smith Decoder 54 Prescription Glasses, Fall Favorites Smith Decoder 54 Prescription Glasses Featured in Oxblood

    Smith Decoder Features:

    - Rectangular-rounded shape with single bridge
    - Medium/large fit
    - Acetate frame with spring hinges
    - 4 base lens curve

    4 | Smith Logan Womens Prescription Glasses

    These frames couple progressive design with hand-crafted acetate coloration to deliver a distinct look for your new fall style. Smith Logan fulfills the bold fall favorites trend with its sculptured temples and thick brow curvature. Black Havana speaks the most fall to us, but you can't go wrong with any of the color options.

    Smith Logan Prescription Glasses, Fall Favorites Smith Logan Prescription Glasses Features in Black Havana

    Smith Logan Features:

    - Distinct round lenses make for an unforgettable frame
    - All-day comfort is ensured with keyhole nose bridge
    - Unique colorway options
    - Adjustable wire core temples

    5 | Nike Fleet.0 Prescription Glasses

    The Nike Fleet.0 sporty design provides a new look for those who care about performance just as much as they do new style. These new Nike frames feature a clean, lightweight build with unbeatable ventilation. This full-rim, bold frame is ideal for both men and women looking to carry on with their active lifestyle through the new season.

    Nike Fleet.0 Prescription Glasses, Fall Favorites Nike Fleet.0 55 Prescription Glasses Featured in Matte Anthracite

    Nike Fleet.0 Features:

    - Stylish Nike swoosh on temple frame
    - Single bridge and Square shape
    - Full rim plastic frame designed for Men and Women

    6 | Nike 5KD Kids Prescription Glasses

    The coolest kid in the class are bound to sport a pair of Nike 5KDs this fall. The square frame shape combined with fun colors will have your young athletes eager to learn, while the durable frame and spring hinges will prove sturdy to withstand any rough play at recess. Get the best of both worlds from a pair of Nike 5KD kids prescription glasses.

    Nike 5KD 47 Prescription Glasses, Fall Favorites Nike 5KD 47 Prescription Glasses Featured in Matte Black/Volt

    Nike 5KD Features:

    - Full acetate frame for structural integrity
    - Square shape frame design
    - Available in two catchy color combinations: black/volt and black/crystal clear

    7 | Ray-Ban RB5184 52 Prescription Glasses

    Ray-Ban RB5184 52 prescription glasses are a must-have wardrobe essential. These Ray-Ban prescription glasses feature a classic, clean look, while also upholding the bold lines we can't live without this fall. The Ray-Ban New Wayfarer is a timeless trendsetter that is ideal for everyday wear and every wardrobe for both men and women.

    Ray-Ban RB5184 52 Prescription Glasses, Fall Favorites Ray-Ban RB5184 52 Prescription Glasses Featured in Shiny Black

    Ray-Ban RB184 Features:

    - Prescription-ready eyewear designed to fit every style
    - Multi color options form to your fashion
    - Durable classic square shape

    8 | Ray-Ban RY1528 Kids Prescription Glasses

    Ray-Ban RB1528 Junior 48 glasses are a kid-sized version of the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer. These Ray Ban Junior glasses have an over-sized, square style that will help your young one stand out in a crowd. There are a couple of fun color options to choose from, but the Havana on Orange is a fun, back-to-school choice.

    Ray-Ban RB1528 Junior 48 Prescription Glasses, Fall Favorites Ray-Ban RB1528 Junior 48 Prescription Glasses Featured in Havana on Orange

    Ray-Ban RY1528 Features:

    - Full rim frame edge
    - Resilient acetate frame to endure adventures
    - Wide range of color options to fit any style

    9 | Dragon Count Mens Prescription Glasses

    These Dragon prescription glasses are defined by clean, casual lines that help create a classic fall look. The Dragon Count Ophthalmic is constructed in Italy with a rounded rectangular design, perfect for casual wear. The thick temples and Matte Tortoise color choice help fulfill the fall trends were aiming for.

    Dragon Count Ophthalmic Prescription Glasses, Fall Favorites Dragon Count Prescription Glasses Featured in Matte Tortoise

    Dragon Count Ophthalmic Features:

    - Ultra-light feel designed for comfort
    - 5 barrel steel hinges and Grilamid frame material provide durability
    - 6 base Polycarbonate lenses

    10 | SPY Edith Womens Prescription Glasses

    First impressions count, and a pair of SPY Edith prescription glasses are sure to make a lasting one with its spicy flair. The combination of round lenses, a keyhole nose bridge, and fun tortoise colors create a design that will compliment your wardrobe all fall long.

    Spy Edith Prescription Glasses, Fall Favorites Spy Edith Prescription Glasses Featured in Cherrywood

    SPY Edith Features:

    - Unique round shape with sturdy barrel hinges
    - Impression colors designed from Handmade acetate
    - Single bridge delivers everyday style

    Endless Fall Favorites Eyewear at SportRx

    The options are endless, we know. Hopefully our list of fall favorites helps you pin-point this season's trends in order to make your fall frame selection a little easier. To top it all off, we'll give you $75 OFF your full frame/lens order. [Use code: GLASSES75 at check-out]. Questions? We've got answers. Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly SportRx opticians with any questions or comments. We're here to help you find the best customized pair of prescription glasses for your new Fall 2016 wardrobe.



  • Top 5 High Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

    Living out your passion for cycling while trying to cope with your high prescription needs, isn't always an easy task. We totally get that. But for us, we avoid the answer no at all costs. In other words, we strive to find a custom solution for every individual case.  That's why we've created a list of some of our favorite pair of high prescription cycling sunglasses. This list entails some of the best frames for those of you who may excel in the sport, but not quite in the seeing department.  Take a look at our top picks!

    1 | Rudy Project Exception Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

    Rudy Project Exception + Insert Prescription Sunglasses, High Prescription Cycling Sunglasses Rudy Project Exception + Insert Sunglasses

    The Rudy Project Exception is our favorite recommendation for high prescription sunglasses needed for active sports, especially cycling. Designed for insert lenses, the Exception can be used with almost ANY prescription. These cycling sunglasses deliver more flexibility, versatility, and comfort than most with their elastic hinge removable flip up system, and fully adjustable nose-piece and temples.  The easy-action flip up technology allows you to adapt instantly to changing conditions, making them also suitable for life beyond cycling.  Seamlessly go from light to dark and see like never before in a pair of these high prescription cycling sunglasses

    2 | Nike Bandit Prescription Cycling Glasses

    Nike Bandit Prescription Sunglasses, High Prescription Cycling Sunglasses Nike Bandit Sunglasses

    Nike Bandit sunglasses have become a new favorite sports frame for us for a variety of reasons - Reason #1 being the fact that it can handle virtually any prescription. Yes, even the difficult ones. Combine that reason with the frame's versatile style, built in cooling ventilation system, and intuitive comfort, and you've got yourself a superior pair of high prescription sport and lifestyle sunglasses you won't want to leave home without.  

    3 | Nike Mercurial 6.0 Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

    Nike Mercurial 6.0 Prescription Sunglasses, High Prescription Cycling Sunglasses Nike Mercurial 6.0 Sunglasses

    Nike Mercurial 6.0 sunglasses are essential for a cyclist with difficult eyes. These high Rx cycling sunglasses are the epitome of versatility and functionality with its solid frame design and sport-performance features. Nike Mercurial 6.0's lightweight build is coupled with soft rubber inlay nose pads to deliver all-day comfort.  Despite your difficult eyes, experience a visual clarity like never before when wearing a pair of Nike Mercurial 6.0 sunglasses on (and off) the bike.

    4 | Oakley Chainlink Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

    Oakley Chainlink Prescription Sunglasses, High Prescription Cycling Sunglasses Oakley Chainlink Sunglasses

    The Oakley Chainlink has been one of the more popular, versatile frames for quite some time. We love these guys because they’re excellent for just about every active lifestyle. Yes, that includes cycling. The Oakley Chainlink promises a comfortable, secure alignment thanks to the Three-Point Fit system and Unobtainium properties. Despite the amount you sweat during those long bike rides, your frames will maintain optical alignment, exceptionally important for prescription wearers. On that note, these Oakley sunglasses make our high prescription list because their flat lens surface welcomes a variety of difficult prescriptions.  From the bike, to the streets, and everywhere in between, the Oakley Chainlink has you covered.

    5 | Oakley Mainlink Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

    Oakley Mainlink Prescription Sunglasses, High Prescription Sunglasses Oakley Mainlink Sunglasses

    And then there’s the Oakley Mainlink, a new and improved frame that’s quickly becoming a favorite for many reasons. The Mainlink is basically the Chainlink, but bigger. These versatile high prescription cycling sunglasses are built with a deeper lens. This design not only provides more coverage and ample wind protection, but it also allows more room for a range of high Rx needs. The Mainlink is stylish enough to be an everyday pair of shades, while still holding the performance-features necessary for secure alignment on the bike. A truly great pair of high prescription cycling sunglasses that don’t compromise a thing.


    Don't let your prescription needs hinder your love for riding. If you're in need of high prescription cycling sunglasses, you know where to find 'em. Questions? Give us a call, shoot us a LiveChat, or email us at [email protected] We have friendly, knowledgeable sports opticians on staff, 7 days a week.  We'll be happy to help you find a pair of shades that enhance your vision and overall riding experience.

  • Oakley TruBridge Technology Guarantees a Custom Fit

    Oakley TruBridge Technology, Oakley MNP Prescription Glasses

    Oakley continuously revolutionizes the eyewear industry with an unending supply of new technologies. The latest technology in Oakley prescription glasses comes in the form of a frame that’s optimized for a truly perfect fit. Oakley TruBridge Technology was created as the key solution to the issue of differing face features.


    Oakley TruBridge Technology, Oakley MNP Glasses

    Oakley TruBridge promises a better fit than ever before thanks to the interchangeable nose pads, otherwise known as MNP, short for Modeular Nose Pad. With four MNP sizes to choose from, the perfect nose pad is guaranteed to deliver optimal vision, a centered line of sight with maximum pad contact for superior comfort, and a fit that eliminates cheek contact. This innovative feature is making its debut in four Oakley glasses - some new, some tried and true.

    Oakley Crosslink MNP Prescription Glasses

    Oakley Crosslink MNP TruBridge Prescription Glasses Oakley Crosslink MNP TruBridge Prescription Glasses featured in Polished Aurora

    Just when we though the best active sports frame couldn’t get better, Oakley upgraded the original crosslink to fulfill a truly universal fit. The Oakley Crosslink MNP takes true crossover design to a whole new level with its sporty lifestyle look that now caters to an even wider variety of faces. Take your optical clarity, fitness and optimized comfort to greater heights with a pair of Oakley Crosslink MNP prescription glasses.

    Oakley Marshal MNP Prescription Glasses

    Oakley Marshal MNP (TruBridge) Prescription Glasses Oakley Marshal MNP (TruBridge) Prescription Glasses Featured in Polished Black Ink with Red Accented Temples

    A classic, Oakley best-seller now delivers a truly custom-made fit. This interchangeable icon design is built with the adaptable fit of the MNP, a thinner profile, and updated finishes that work to highlight the improved look of beveled edges. Oakley Chamfer MNP prescription glasses provide a fit that feels entirely custom-made and a design that represents fresh style with sculptural details.

    Oakley Chamfer MNP Prescription Glasses

    Oakley Chamfer MNP (TrueBridge) Prescription Glasses Oakley Chamfer MNP (TruBridge) Prescription Glasses Featured in Polished Blue Ice

    Uncompromised style and personal fit come together in the Oakley Marshal MNP to deliver an everyday look with long-lasting comfort. These Oakley glasses feature a truly customized fit with both Oakley TruBridge and adjustable wire core temples. The Three-Point Fit and Unobtainium properties work together to maintain the most secure visual alignment possible. The Oakley Marshal MNP is a true breakthrough in durability and design.

    Oakley Cloverleaf MNP Prescription Glasses

    Oakley Cloverleaf MNP (TruBridge) Prescription Glasses Oakley Cloverleaf MNP (TruBridge) Prescription Glasses Features in Polished Grey Tortoise

    The Oakley Cloverleaf MNP features the perfect blend of retro and intellectual cool. Clean, straight lines are paired with smoothly rounded lenses to deliver a standout look. The combination of this frame design and the MNP features enables a unique look that both compliments and caters to a variety of styles and face shapes. The two-tone and tortoise renditions add an element to the Cloaverleaf’s distinctive style, a look you don’t want to miss out on.

    Pick your favorite style from these four frames and expect nothing but a made-for-you fit. If you have any questions about the new Oakley TruBridge Technolody and/or the Modular Nose Piece, we’ve got answers. Give the friendly SportRx opticians a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you find the ultimate solution to the best custom pair of Oakley prescription glasses.

  • The Newest Oakley Sunglasses of 2016 Hit the Market

    Every year Oakley pushes the limits in the world of eyewear. They never cease to amaze us with their innovative designs, and the newest Oakley sunglasses are no exception. We’ve added to our list of Oakley favorites, and we’re here to give you the full blown break down of our top five.

    Oakley Performance Lifestyle Sunglasses

    This collection of new Oakley sunglasses speaks to those who demand superior comfort, design and protection for life beyond sports. The frame and lens technologies of these sunglasses blend innovation and style to deliver a precise fit and the optical clarity you’ll never want to be without. Performance lifestyle Oakley sunglasses take ultimate functionality and align it with Oakley style.

    Oakley Twoface XL Sunglasses

    Oakley reaches new heights with the Oakley Twoface XL, the latest rendition of the ever popular Twoface. This new rendition of the ever-so-popular Twoface maintains the same sweet look of O Matter blended with the perfect amount of aluminum. These new guys on the block aren’t necessarily a bigger fit overall, but the greater lens depth is suitable to larger faces. They’re available in 8 colorways, and the SportRx opticians can cater to just about any prescription need out there.

    Oakley Twoface XL Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley Twoface XL Sunglasses Oakley Twoface XL Polished Black Sunglasses with Black Chrome Iridium Lenses


    - Large lens surface provides enhanced coverage

    - Three-Point Fit holds lenses in precise optical alignment

    - A blend of stress-resistant O Matter and Aluminum delivers a lightweight feel, a durable build, all-day comfort, and amazing aesthetics

    - Suitable for medium to large faces

    - Highly Rx-able for a variety of different prescription needs.

    Oakley Trillbe Sunglasses

    Introducing the Oakley Trillbe, the newest shield sunglasses from Oakley.  These puppies reach new levels of standout style with the latest look of a progressive design. Oakley Trillbe features a keyhole nose bridge for some extra added style to this new modern look.

    Oakley Trillbe Sunglasses Online Matte Translucent Blue Trillbe Sunglasses with Sapphire Iridium Lenses


    - Three-Point Fit that rests comfortable on your nose and gently hugs your skull to deliver a secure fit and precise optical alignment

    - Durable, comfortable, lightweight O Matter frame material

    - A large frame and Global Fit design for a variety of large faces

    Oakley Tillbe X Sunglasses

    Oakley brought to life another new member of the Trillbe family with the birth of the Oakley Trillbe X. These new Oakley sunglasses feature many of the same great features of the Trilbe, with a smaller frame design and two lenses instead of one shield lens. Oakley freshened things up with a new concave icon, a softly rounded front, a sculptured keyhole bridge and a unique stem design, all of which take vintage style into modern territory.

    Oakley Trillbe X Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley Trillbe X Sunglasses, newest oakley sunglasses Blue Oakley Trillbe X Sunglasses with Jade Iridium Lenses


    - Unisex styling and versatile design that is suitable for many faces and styles

    - Lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter frame material

    - Three-Point Fit provides comfortable optical alignment

    - Rounded silhouette and a sculptured keyhole adds style

    - Small, global fit

    - Highly Rx-able with its 4 base lifestyle design

    Oakley Elmont Sunglasses

    Oakley hit the nail on the head with the launch of their new aviator sunglasses. Oakley Elmont sunglasses represent sculptural excellence in a pilot inspired frame. The subtle textured brow and temples deliver a universal appeal for both men and women, and their flat lens surfaces enhances Rx-ability and superior clarity.

    Oakley Elmont Sunglasses, Oakley Elmont Prescription Sunglasses, newest Oakley sunglasses Satin Chrome Oakley Elmont Sunglasses with Sapphire Iridium Polarized Lenses


    - Lightweight, durable, comfortable C-5 frame material, making these sunglasses built to last

    - Unisex styling that compliments a variety of face shapes and sizes

    - A Three-Point Fit holds the lenses in precise optical alignment

    - Plastic temples tips add an element of comfort

    Active Performance Sun

    Oakley’s line of Active Performance sunglasses is comprised of innovations that fulfill everyone’s needs. These sunglasses were designed for those who want a pair of sport sunglasses just as much as they want an everyday pair of glasses. Oakley’s Active Performance Sun collection utilizes unsurpassed eyewear technologies to deliver comfort, function, and style you’d expect from new Oakley sunglasses.

    Oakley Straightlink Sunglasses

    Oakley blended the style and features of the Chainlink and the Straight Jacket to create the Oakley Straightlink. These new sport performance, crossover sunglasses were built to withstand an active lifestyle. This new addition to the Link collection adds a whole new level of comfort, clarity and design that you won’t want to miss out on.

    Oakley Striaghtlink Sunglasses, Oakley Straighlink Prescription Sunglasses, newest oakley sunglasses Oakley Straightlink Grey Ink Sunglasses with Jade Iridium Lenses


    - Impact-resistant O Matter makes for a timeless looking, durable frame

    - A clean design delivers a timeless look

    - A slight wrap around frame adds ample protection from the sun’s harsh rays

    - Unobtainium rubber temples enable a secure fit no matter how much you sweat

    Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

    If you've developed of love for any of the newest Oakley sunglasses like we have, get yourself a pair! Questions about any of the above frames, Oakley prescription glasses, or prescription sunglasses online in general? We've got you covered! Our expert team of sports opticians is here for you. Feel free to contact us, 7 days a week!

  • Nike Baseball Sunglasses | It's All About the Show

    Nike Baseball Sunglasses, Nike Baseball Prescription Sunglasses

    The Nike Show Line is the perfect collection for all of the baseball players out there. Nike has specifically engineered these sunglasses with ball players in mind,  providing a custom pair of shades unique to your sport. Speaking of unique, have you ever wondered why Nike named this collection the Nike Show? Well, when you transition from the minors to the majors in baseball, it's called "to show." How fitting for some superior Nike baseball sunglasses.

    The Nike Show Collection | The Full Breakdown

    Since all three of these pairs come from the same collection, they share many of the same features. Nike baseball sunglasses focus on superior no-slip grip, stability, adjustability, and comfort. Keeping your vision clear is also important, so the dual lenses expand your peripheral view while the ventilated nose bridge helps prevent fogging. All three of these lightweight Nike baseball sunglasses are compatible with helmets and hats. Of course, each one is still unique, so we've highlighted the features and designs of each.

    Nike Show X2 Sunglasses



     - The standard of the show collection, each pair is based off of these sunglasses
    - Same frame as the X2 Pro, so you can interchange your lenses with the X2 Pro if you'd like
    - Slightly longer lens than the X2 Pro and the X2 XL
    - Width of lens: 69mm
    - Height of lens: 41mm
    - Distance between lenses: 13mm
    - Temple length: 139mm

    Nike Show X2 Pro Sunglasses



    - Lens has a sweep design to follow the cheekbone shape
    - Same frame as the X2, so you can interchange your lenses with the X2 if you'd like
    - Slightly shorter lens than the X2, but the same height as the X2 XL
    - Width of lens: 69mm
    - Height of lens: 39mm
    - Distance between lenses: 13mm
    - Temple length: 139mm

    Nike Show X2 XL Sunglasses



    - Slightly larger frame than the X2 or X2 Pro, just like the name says (XL)
    - Slightly wider lens than the X2 or X2 Pro
    - Sweep design to follow the cheekbone like the X2 Pro
    - Width of lens: 71mm
    - Height of lens: 39mm
    - Distance between lenses: 13mm
    - Temple length: 139mm

    Nike Show Prescription Sunglasses

    We know that protecting your eyes in the sun is important, and so is catching that fly ball. Nike baseball sunglasses promise 100% UVA and UVB protection so you don't have to worry about harming your eyes. The awesome opticians here at SportRx are always willing to fit you with your perfect pair of prescription sunglasses, even for baseball. All three Nike Show sunglasses are Rx-able, and for those of you with high prescriptions, we can even fit you with some inserts. If you have any questions about your Nike baseball sunglasses or prescription baseball sunglasses, contact us any day of the week.

  • Nike Tailwind & Nike Tailwind Swift Sunglasses | Engineered for High-Performance

    Nike Tailwind Swift Sunglasses, Nike Prescription Sunglasses

    Nike has never failed to impress athletes with performance-enhancing technology.  Producing one hit after another, capturing trusting athletes in every aspect of the sports world, Nike never ceases to amaze us with new releases of cutting-edge technology. The line of Nike running sunglasses are no exception to this technological excellence. To no surprise, Nike created a line of sunglasses that sets the bar for ground-breaking design. Whether you're looking for a pair of running sunglasses or prescription sport sunglasses, the Nike Tailwind and Tailwind Swift are two frames to keep in mind for a number of reasons.

    Nike Tailwind vs Nike Tailwind Swift | The Full Breakdown

    The Nike Tailwind and the Nike Tailwind Swift are far more similar than they are different. While they do have different lens shapes, both have the same frame design with the same performance-enhancing features. For both, fog-free vision is the name the name of the game. The Nike Flying Lens Technology creates a slight gap between the lens and the frames, allowing just enough airflow to circulate without inhibiting superior protection from wind and debris. The ventilated nose bridge and temple tips add value to their air flow and anti-fog properties. No matter where your sport passions reside, these two Nike sunglasses were designed to enhance your athletic performance.

    Nike Tailwind Sunglasses

    Nike Tailwind, Nike Tailwind prescription sunglasses Nike Tailwind Matte Obsidian with Deep Royal Blue Accents and Speed Tint Lenses

    Nike Tailwind Features:

     - Square-shaped lenses
    - A lightweight frame build offers exceptional comfort for hours of activity
    - Nike Flying Lens technology allows enhanced airflow and minimized fogging
    - Secure-wrap temples provide a snug, stable, fit
    - Nike Max Optics delivers perfect vision
    - Ventilated nose bridge and rubber temples vents add to airflow and comfort levels

    Nike Tailwind Swift Sunglasses

    Nike Tailwind Swift Sunglasses, Nike Tailwind Swift Sunglasses Nike Tailwind Swift Matte Anthracite with Voltage Green Accents and Grey Silver Flash Lenses

    Nike Tailwind Swift Features:

     - Upward, rounded lens design
    - Nike Flying Lenses provide reduced fogging
    - Nike Max Optics deliver precise vision
    - Warp frame and temple designed for added coverage, stability and comfort
    - Vented rubber temples enhance airflow

    Nike Prescription Sport Sunglasses

    Nike Tailwind and Tailwind Swift sunglasses are exceptional prescription sport sunglasses. Created for the most intense training, you can count on these to deliver untouchable sport-performance. Be it your daily exercise or your next big race,  you can't go wrong with these Nike sunglasses.

    If you're looking for a pair of high-Rx sport sunglasses to fulfill your athletic needs, we've got you covered with the best Nike Tailwind prescription sunglasses or Nike Tailwind Swift prescription sunglasses. Whatever your prescription, whatever your needs, we'll make it work! If you have any further questions regarding these frames, don't hesitate to give us a call. We're here and happy to help, 7 days a week.

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