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  • Oakley Sliver XL Sunglasses | Product Review

    The Oakley Performance Lifestyle Collection is driven by athletes who see every day eyewear as an expression of personality. The new Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses fulfill those desires and so much more. Adding to the men’s Performance Lifestyle Collection, Oakley took the sleek build of the ever-so-popular Sliver, and extended lens height to create the Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses. This new rendition of the Oakley Sliver was designed for those with a larger sized head who want an extended field of downward vision. Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses feature confident styling with smoothly squared lenses and a frame design engineered for all-day comfort.

    Oakley Sliver XL Prescription Sunglasses, Oakley Sliver XL PRIZM Daily Sunglasses Oakley Sliver XL PRIZM Daily Sunglasses

    5 Noteworthy Features of Oakley Sliver XL Sunglasses:

    1 | Lightweight O-Matter: stress resistant, durable frame material that provides all-day protection and comfort

    2 | Three-Point Fit: features straight-back temples that work to keep your frames in precise optical alignment while also eliminating pressure points

    3 | Plutonite Lenses: enhanced UV protection that filter 100% of all UV light including harmful blue light up to 400nm.

    4 | Highly Rx-able: with a 6 base lens curvature, these Oakley sunglasses can take on high prescriptions for superior vision in a good-looking, active lifestyle frame

    5 | PRIZM Daily Lenses: the Oakley Sliver XL is available with lenses that are fine-tuned to enhance the colors of any environment you take on in your everyday lifestyle

    Oakley Sliver XL Full Product Breakdown

    Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses deliver comfort, protection and clarity for life beyond just sports. There’s a number of frame and lens features that makes these Oakley men’s sunglasses a must have. Check out our detailed product review to learn more about what makes Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses excellent.

    Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses are the perfect pair of versatile shades, designed to enhance your day to day visual experience. There are a number of frame and lens color combinations to choose from, but we highly recommend getting a pair of Oakley Sliver XL PRIZM Daily sunglasses. And if you need them in prescription, your wish is our command. If you have any further questions about the Oakley Silver XL prescription sunglasses or Oakley prescription sunglasses in general, give us a call and we’ll take care of you.

  • Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses | An Unprecedented Visual Experience

    Oakley PRIZM Daily lenses fine-tune the environment we experience on a day-to-day basis in order to enhance colors and deliver a more pleasing, relaxing visual experience. These lenses improve comfort in varying light conditions in order to optimize your own lifestyle.

    Key Benefits of Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses:

     - Sharpens visual acuity so you can see more clearly and react more quickly

     - Enhances detail recognition to help you spot what you need to see in enough time to react

     - Optimizes your peripheral vision in order to see and track moving objects in all directions

     - Improves performance to help you compete with confidence

    - Makes dull colors richer and more vibrant for enhanced contrast, delivering an overall more pleasing visual experience

     - Enables deeper reds, a more lively blue sky, vibrant shades of yellow and orange, and blooming hues of green foliage to be seen

     - HDPolarized lenses block 99% of reflected glare, keeping eyes comfortable while driving

    How Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology Works

    Through the fine-tuning of individual wavelengths of color, PRIZM creates a visual sharpness like no other to reveal aspects in our day to day lives that would be missed by the naked eye.  With this revolutionary technology, normally washed out, flat, or dull landscapes now become rich in color and mentally stimulating.

    Top 3 Oakley PRIZM Daily Sunglasses

    1 | Oakley Latch SQ PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

    Oakley Latch SQ Sunglasses with Oakley Daily PRIZM Lenses Oakley Latch SQ PRIZM Sunglasses

    If style is what your looking for, then the Oakley Latch SQ is the frame for you.  Its sharp look is accompanied with rectangular lens shaping, classic keyhole bridge, and unique interior kick-up feature which clips on nicely to your shirt, all of which makes for the perfect blend of originality and convenience.  Although this sunglass might look like the perfect set of shades for kicking back on the beach, it's so much more. The Latch is also exceptionally functional with unbeatable Plutonite lenses, which offer top UV protection, filtering 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm.  To top it all off, the Latch also comes equipped with a Three-Point Fit for precise optical alignment and O Matter stress-resistant frame material creating a lightweight but very durable frame.

    2 | Oakley Turbine PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

    Oakley Turbine PRIZM Daily Sunglasses, Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses Oakley Turbine PRIZM Daily Sunglasses

    The Oakley Turbine is the perfect combination of active and daily wear due to its extreme durability and lightweight feel.  These Oakley sunglasses feature a three-Point fit for a precise optical alignment, and O-Matter stress-resistant frame material from long-lasting comfort. The addition of Plutonite lenses delivers top UV protection, as it works to filter 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm. Oakley Turbine PRIZM Daily sunglasses ensure optimal protection, comfort, and an enhanced visual experience wherever you wear them.

    3 | Oakley Sliver PRIZM Daily Polarized Sunglasses

    Oakley Sliver PRIZM Daily Sunglasses, Oakley PRIZM Daily Prescription Sunglasses Oakley Sliver PRIZM Daily Sunglasses

    The Oakley Sliver is the definition of sleek.  It's lightweight and stylish design makes for a pair of shades that can truly be worn wherever life might take you.  With the addition of Plutonite lenses for top UV protection, Three-Point Fit for precise optical alignment, and an O-Matter stress-resistant frame, these glasses can truly do it all.

    Where To Get Your Pair of Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses

    Find the perfect pair of Oakley PRIZM Daily sunglasses for your needs online at SportRx. If you need a little help in the seeing department, you’re in luck. Oakley PRIZM prescription sunglasses are a real thing and the SportRx opticians are the real deal. Once you find your favorite pair, we’ll get to work on crafting the best Oakley PRIZM Daily prescription sunglasses. If you have any questions pertaining to Oakley PRIZM lenses, Oakley lifestyle sunglasses, or prescription sunglasses in general, we’re here for you, every day of the week! Contact us via phone, email or LiveChat and we’ll be sure to help you out.

  • Blue Light Filter Lenses: An Essential for Fishing Sunglasses


    Avoid Harmful Blue Light with New and Improved Sunglass Lenses

    Blue light is everywhere. When outside, the shorter, higher energy blue wavelengths travel through the atmosphere. They collide and bounce off other air molecules, which causes them to scatter. While some blue light is good, there is a great deal of harmful blue light. The Blue Light, or High Energy Visible (HEV) wavelengths we should be concerned about create an intense glare that can reduce visual contrast, affecting overall sharpness, clarity, and eye health. As knowledge of harmful blue light becomes more and more prevalent, so does the demand for better eye protection.  Blue light fishing sunglasses speak to this demand in more ways than one.

    Why Blue Light Filter Lenses are an Important Feature of Fishing Sunglasses:

    Because water is the biggest source of intense glare, blue light wavelengths surrounding water is exceptionally harmful. While polarized lenses work to shield your eyes against glare and harmful UV rays, blue light filter lenses go beyond just polarization. Blue light filter lenses not only reduce harmful high-energy blue light that polarization alone can’t prevent, but they also cut haze and glare, producing greater visual clarity and sharpness. Blue light filtering and polarization features combine to provide the most necessary eye protection when out there on the water for hours on end.

    Choosing a Lens Color

    Light conditions are not only constantly changing, but they also vary depending on where your fishing passions reside. From lakes and streams to the open ocean, brands like Costa, Oakley and Smith have you covered with unbeatable blue light filter lenses that couldn’t be more ideal for the many fishing environments.

    Costa 580 Lens Technology

    Costa 580 Lenses, Costa Blue Light FIlter Lneses

    Costa delivers a visual experience that goes beyond polarized sunglasses. For Costa, it’s all about filtering out harmful blue light and enhancing beneficial light to deliver greater visual clarity, enhanced contrast, vibrant colors, and unbeatable protection.  Costa 580 not only serves as blue light filters, but also as the most optically clear lenses on the planet, and so much more.

    Benefits of Costa 580 Lenses

    - Filters out harmful high-energy blue light in an impact resistant, lightweight and durable lens
    - Reduces haze and blur while providing greater contrast, enhanced color definition, and unmatched clarity
    - Delivers superior clarity and sharpness
    - 20% thinner and 22% lighter than average polarized glass
    - 100% polarization efficiently eliminates reflected glare and reduces eye strain
    - Encapsulated mirrors last a lifetime without peeling, scratching or deteriorating

    Costa 580 Blue Mirror Lenses

    Costa Tuna Alley Prescription Fishing Sunglasses, best polarized fishing sunglasses Costa Tuna Alley Sunglasses with Costa 580 Blue Mirror Lenses

    - The perfect lens for off-shore fishing
    - 10% Light transmission
    - Features a grey base with an encapsulated mirror
    - Best for bright days on the open ocean

    Costa 580 Green Mirror Lenses

    Costa Howler with Costa 580 Green Mirror Lenses, Costa 580 Blue light filter lenses Costa Howler Sunglasses with Costa 580 Green Mirror Lenses

    - An excellent option for fresh water and in-shore fishing
    - 10% light transmission
    - Features a copper base with an encapsulated mirror
    - Enhances vision and contrast when lake, stream, river, or other in-shore fishing environments

    Costa Copper Lenses

    Costa Tuna Alley Readers, Costa C-Mates Readers Costa Tuna Alley Sunglasses with Costa 580 Copper Lenses

    - A great lens for a variety of fishing environments
    - 12% light transmission
    - Cuts glare for eye comfort in a variety of situations
    - Versatile lens color for all your favorite fishing occasions


    Oakley PRIZM Fishing Lenses

    The mad scientists at Oakley define innovation with PRIZM lens technology. Oakley’s PRIZM lenses are fine-tuned to enhance detail in many different sport environments, and fishing is no exception. This lens technology provides an optimized experience by fine-tuning individual wavelengths to enhance vibrant colors that would otherwise be missed.  Oakley PRIZM lens technology Oakley engineered two different lenses for the two main types of fishing: shallow and deep water. PRIZM Deep Water and PRIZM Shallow Water polarized lenses improve color contrast in ways that allow you better see what’s going on down below the surface.

    Oakley PRIZM Deep Water Polarized Lenses:

    Oakley Turbine with Oakley PRIZM Deep Water Polarized Lenses, Oakley PRIZM Blue Light Filter Lenses Oakley Turbine Sunglasses with Oakley PRIZM Deep Water Polarized Lenses

    - Filters out the shades of blue that overwhelms vision on the open water
    - Boosts greens and reds for a better view of what’s going on down below
    - Tunes light that hits the ocean, reflects off the water and picks up a lot of blue color
    - Enables visibility of true vibrant reds, greens, and true actual hues of blues so you can pick out the nuances between the kelp and the fish, or just different depths through different colors of blue.
    - The combination of color tuning and HDPolarized technologies works to block 99% of all UV light and eliminate white glare off the surface
    - Exceptional lenses for deep sea fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking or any open-water activity

    Oakley PRIZM Shallow Water Polarized Lenses

    Oakley Turbine with Oakley PRIZM Shallow Water Polarized Lenses, Oakley PRIZM Blue Light Lenses Oakley Turbine Sunglasses with Oakley PRIZM Shallow Water Polarized Lenses

    - Boosts the precise green and copper colors, making it easier to see in and out of shadows
    - Maintains bright whites so you can spot the flash of fish and flies on the surface
    - Reduces haze or visual distortion that would otherwise inhibit optimal clarity
    - Helps to better spot shadows of fish
    - Color tuning lenses are combined with HDPolarized technology to block 99% of reflected glare and UV light, including harmful blue light from the sun’s harsh rays


    Smith Chromapop Polarized Lenses

    Smith Optics Chromapop Lenses, Blue Light Filter Sunglasses

    Experience fishing like never before and save your eyes from harmful blue light with the unbeatable protection of Smith Chromapop Polarized lenses. Chromapop lenses serve as another blue light filter lens option that works to eliminate color confusion. In other words, Chromapop comes in to play where the eye has trouble distinguishing color and definition. These blue light filter lenses eliminate confusion by filtering light at the crossovers of blue, green, and red wavelengths. The result? Greater definition of more natural colors and unmatched clarity out on the water.

    Chromapop + Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses

    Smith Discord Sunglasses with Chromapop + Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses, Smith Blue Light Filter Lenses Smith Discord Sunglasses with Chromapop + Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses

    - Exceptional lens for deep sea fishing where the sun is the brightest and the glare is the most intense
    - Edge to edge clear viewing with 99.8% polarization efficiency and 100% UV protection
    - Increases clarity and vibrant colors, allowing for enhanced visibility below the surface
    - Combination of the grey base with the blue mirror blocks out brightness and cuts glare

    Chromapop + Polarized Brown Lenses


    Smith Discord with Chromapop + Polarized Brown Lenses, Smith Blue Light Filter Lenses Smith Discord Sunglasses with Chromapop + Polarized Brown Lenses

    - Filters out blue light from the sun’s harsh rays and reflected glare off the water
    - Edge to edge clear viewing with 99.8% polarization efficiency and 100% UV protection
    - Helps to spot fish more effectively in and out of shadows in shallow water
    - Ideal lens for on-shore lake, stream, shallow water fishing


    See the Fish Better with Blue Light, Polarized Lenses

    Count on one of the many blue light lenses to ensure an enhanced visual experience, performance, and eye protection on the water. With a variety of lens colors and frames to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the best fishing sunglasses to accompany your love for fishing. If you have any questions about blue light filter lenses, which ones will suit your needs, how to get prescription blue light lenses, or any other questions you can think of, give us a call! We’re here to help make your days much more enjoyable on the water with a pair of blue light filter fishing sunglasses or prescription fishing sunglasses.

  • Why Otis Mineral Glass Lenses are Simply the Best

    Otis Skinny Dip Sunglasses, Otis Sunglasses, Otis Prescription Sunglasses with Mineral Glass Lenses

    Otis sunglasses perfectly marry fashion and technical excellence in every pair with the help of mineral glass lenses. Find out how and why mineral glass lenses are the only way to go in the following Q & A with our friends over at Otis.

    Q: What makes OTIS the best glass lens sunglasses?

    A: The focus of OTIS is to offer a unique point of difference.  We build eyewear using only mineral glass lenses with frames and components of the highest quality materials.  We draw inspiration from classic and iconic designs and combine those timeless elements with modern trends.  Finally, we make our product attainable with retail prices starting under $200.  Our mineral glass lens offers a real value proposition at this price point.  We deliver a true premium product with benefits that can be clearly appreciated.


    Q: What are the advantages of glass sunglasses lenses vs. plastic?

    A: Mineral glass is created from natural elements like sand and soda ash.  It’s endlessly recyclable and harmless to humans and animals alike.  Its optical clarity, high resistance to scratching and lack of distortion make it the world’s best lens material.

    The primary element in mineral glass is sand, or silica, a completely natural product.  90% of the earth’s crust is silicate.  All of the Earth’s people, animals, plants, and bacteria amount to little more than a thin carbon-based layer on top of a pristine silicate planet.

    Mineral glass lenses provide the most optically correct, distortion-free vision of any lens material in the world.  Mineral glass lenses require no added layers or coatings during the manufacturing process.  UV protection, scratch resistance, tint color, and moisture resistance are inherent properties of mineral glass.  Mineral glass has a natural rigidity that ensures its shape is maintained.  Unlike a plastic lens which flexes under stress, mineral glass will never flex and distort within the frame.

    Otis Sunglasses, Otis Prescription Sunglasses

    Mineral glass is also the most stable lens material in the world.  It provides the most permanent tints that will not warp, peel, or fade over time.  The inherent nature of glass makes it impenetrable to saltwater and oils.  In fact, a molecule of oxygen will pass through a 1mm thick polycarbonate polymer in two weeks.  The same oxygen molecule will take over a billion years to pass through 1mm of mineral glass.  This is why mineral glass can create objects of great utility and beauty that endure for centuries, a time span in which plastics turn to dust.

    Lastly, mineral glass is the most scratch resistant lens material in the world.  Throughout the development of plastic CR-39 lenses, scientists reviewed more than 2,000 patents in their quest for a suitable abrasion-resistant coating.  None could compare to the natural characteristics inherent to glass.  As a result, products from space shuttle windows to iPhones continue to use glass for its scratch resistant property. Take a look at this video to see just how scratch-resistant mineral glass lenses truly are.

    Q: How is it that glasses lenses are scratch resistant?

    A: The real secret behind the scratch resistance comes from the intense chemical and thermal hardening process each lens undergoes.  The chemical process is called an ion exchange.  An ion exchange involves exchanging larger ions from a molten chemical with the smaller ions on the surface of the glass lens.  This process increases the amount of pressure a mineral glass lens can withstand.  The thermal hardening process involves heating the lens to a softening point above 400 degrees Celsius, then cooling the lens surface rapidly while leaving the inside of the lens hot.  This creates an additional hardening effect on the outside surface, further strengthening the lens.

    Q: Can you get a polarized glass lens in your sunglasses?

    A: Absolutely!  In fact 75% of our 2016 range features polarized mineral glass lenses.


    Perhaps the best question to ask is, why not get Otis sunglasses with mineral glass lenses? The benefits of glass lenses are endless, and so are our reasons as to why you shouldn't wait any longer to get yourself a pair. We promise you'll be blown away. If you have any further questions about Otis sunglasses, give us a call! We're here to help, 7 days a week.

  • Pedal the Cause 2016 San Diego Fundraising Event

    pedal the cause


    Date: Saturday, May 28th from 10 am – 2 pm

    Location: SportRx 5076 Santa Fe Stree. Suite A, San Diego, CA 92109

    Cycle Jam is a sale event born from the partnership between SportRx and Padres Pedal the Cause. Pizza will be provided and the kegerator will be frosty and full.

    Select sport and cycling sunglasses will be discounted at 30%. SportRx will make a 15% donation for purchases made by Padres Pedal the Cause participants who use their personal donation code.*

    Participants may share their personal donation code with friends and family. Non-participants are more than welcome to attend and take advantage of the 30% discount on select styles.

    The sale does not apply to prescription purchases, however prescription orders may be placed separately using frames purchased at the event. The 15% donation will be applied to prescription orders.

    *The 15% donation is applicable, with an appropriate code, until the cutoff date specified by Padres Pedal the Cause. Select styles will be discounted during the Cycle Jam event only, all other Padres Pedal the Cause purchases are not eligible for discounts. The 15% donation from purchases made during the Cycle Jam event will be based on the discounted price. Feel free to contact us with questions!

  • Your Ultimate Guide to Revo Lenses


    About Revo

    Revo took the eyewear world by storm when it launched in ’85, and became known as ‘the leader in polarized lens technology.’ It all started for Revo by utilizing the lens technology developed by NASA as solar protection for satellites. (Pretty cool, right?) And almost 30 years later, Revo continues to practice and build up on its tradition of cutting edge technology and innovation by providing the most advanced and high-contrast polarized sunglasses available.

    Revo shines through their ‘Revo Light Management System,’ which successfully manages the full spectrum of light, even HEV light. Then it filters out harmful UV light, while selectively allowing light that is helpful for vision precision and clarity. All lenses made by Revo feature the ‘Digital Polarized PlusTM’ technology for 100% polarization to protect you against glare, yet still allows you to view any blue light devices.

    The Revo Lens Guide

    The extensive collection of Revo lenses is comprised of 8 lenses that are uniquely designed to filter the full light spectrum in order to cater to one’s vision in differing light conditions. This collection is comprised of the following 8 lenses:

    Blue Water Lenses

    Blue-Water Revo Lenses

    - Excellent choice for eliminating glare in bright conditions like reflective sun rays bouncing off the oceans surfaces.
    - The blue mirror coating provides maximum protection against glare and delivers visible clarity.
    - Contrast enhancing filters accentuate the sweet spot of the visible light spectrum in water surround environments.
    - Provides a soothing tint while sensitive filters make the critical colors of the visible light spectrum pop without affecting the natural colors.
    - Excellent lens choice for deep-sea fishing.

    Green Water Lenses

    Green-Water Revo Lenses, Revo Lens Technology

    - Completely cuts through surface glare in medium and low light conditions.
    - Optimal for eliminating bright glares off lakes or riverbeds.
    - Contrast colors beautifully to enhance the vibrancy of color.
    - Creates clarity by highlighting the middle of the spectrum (green) for an enhanced visual experience.
    - Exceptional lens choice for environments like stream and lake fishing, hiking, golf, and mountain biking.

    Graphite Lenses

    Graphite Revo Lenses, Revo Lens Technology

    - Graphite lenses enhance natural vibrant colors while also working to block harmful rays and cut out intense glare
    - Comprised of contrast-enhancing filters and a subtle silver coating that works to highlight green, bringing multiple colors to life
    - Controls the level of light passing through the lens
    - These Revo lenses are a great choice for everything you do

    Terra Lenses

    Terra Revo Lenses, Revo Lens Technology

    - Multi-functional lenses that were designed for on or off the trail activities
    - Actively filters the light spectrum to provide clear vision to every viewpoint.  Excels in variable light conditions through a scientific formulation of tint filters.
    - Highlights the yellow, orange and red portions of the color spectrum to enhance visual clarity in varying conditions
    - A lens that will enhance the overall visual experience of outdoor activities like hiking, trail running, climbing and camping.

    Open Road Lenses

    Open-Road Revo Lenses, Revo Lens Technology

    - Image intensifier filters seamlessly adapt to light in bright or low light situations to enhance optical clarity and overall visual experience.
    - Tunes light transmission for greater sharpness, crispness and contrast.
    - Designed with an integrated rose-amber-vermilion blended tint for moderate light transmission and clear visibility during changing conditions.
    - These Revo lenses are a great lens option for driving, cycling, golf, running and everyday active lifestyles.

    Stealth Lenses

    Stealth Revo Lenses, Revo Lens Technology

    - Reduces internal reflection and provides even management of light across the entire visible light spectrum.
    - Delivers an unprecedented visual experience through perfect contrast.
    - Provides a smooth tint while colors of the visible light spectrum alter natural colors.
    - These Revo lenses are optimal for everyday wear

    Solar Orange Lenses

    Solar-Orange Revo Lenses, Revo Lens Technology

    - A high-intensity, iridescent and visually stunning multilayer mirror coating
    - Enhances the surrounding environment by highlighting the upper end of mid-range light.
    - Greens, yellows and reds come to life with a glowing effect, making your days that much brighter and more enjoyable
    - The Solar Orange lens is perfect for all outdoor sports.

    Champagne Lenses

    Champagne Revo Lenses, Revo Lens Technology

    - Subtle pearl mirror color that is appealing to the eye and sure to add a touch of style to your wardrobe.
    - Delivers a soothing visual experience to the wearer.
    - Allows in just 14% of light and balances it across the entire visual spectrum for great overall performance of colors in bright conditions.
    - These Revo lenses are perfect for any day activities you encounter.

    Some of Our Favorite Revo Sunglasses

    Revo Guide II Sunglasses

    Revo Guide II Prescription Sunglasses, Revo Guide II Sunglasses Revo Guide II Sunglasses with Terra Lenses

    Revo Guide II features:

    - Lightweight, shatter-proof, polycarbonate lenses

    - 8 base lens curve provides ample coverage and protection

    - Rubberized temples and nose grips for a secure fit when active

    - Rx-able


    Revo Raconteur Sunglasses

    Revo Raconteur Sunglasses, Revo Raconteur Prescription Sunglasses Revo Raconteur Sunglasses with Blue Water Lenses

    Revo Raconteur features:

    - Lightweight, textured metal frame and anti-slip rubberized temple tips

    - Scratch-resistant, shatterproof crystal lenses

    - 6-base lenses offer a flat frame surfaces, making them highly Rx-able


    Revo Descend Sunglasses

    Revo Descend Sunglasses, Revo Descend Prescription Sunglasses Revo Descend Sunglasses with Graphite Lenses

    Revo Descend features:

    - Lightweight, rimless lens design enhances peripheral views

    - Elastometric nosepads provide an anti-slip, secure fit at all times

    - 8 Base lenses provide a more curved fit and extensive coverage from all angles


    Revo Converge Sunglasses

    Revo Converge Sunglasses, Revo Converge Prescription Sunglasses Revo Converge Sunglasses with Green Water Lenses

    Revo Converge features:

    - Full rim frame with a Motion-Fit design and flush-mount spring hinges that offer a durable and comfortable fit

    - 8 base lens technology for extensive coverage from the sun's ray in all directions

    - Versatile frame fit and design for a variety of outdoor activities


    Revo Bearing Sunglasses

    Revo Bearing Sunglasses, Revo Bearing Prescription Sunglasses Revo Bearing Sunglasses with Blue Water Lenses

    Revo Bearing features:

    - Full rim, full coverage, lightweight, durable frame build

    - Spring hinge construction that ensures a greater range of motion and flexibility

    - 8 Base lens provides ample coverage and protection from the sun's harsh glare

    - Anti-slip rubberized nosepads provide a secure fit throughout your adventures


    Revo Sunglasses Online at SportRx

    With lens options to choose from for just about every occasion, count on Revo to enhance your experience in your favorite environments. Need help finding the perfect Revo lenses for your favorite sunglasses? Need replacement Revo lenses? Questions about Revo sunglasses in general? We're here to help with all of the above. Give a SportRx optician a call, shoot us a Live chat or email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to guide you in the right direction.

  • Oakley Sliver R Sunglasses | The Full Breakdown

    Oakley took the sleek styling of the original Sliver and transformed the timeless design with the smooth curves and a rounded silhouette to create Oakley Sliver R sunglasses. The Oakley Sliver R is a new rendition that adds a modern look to a comfortable, lightweight frame with distinctive sculptural details.

    Oakley Sliver R Sunglasses, Oakley Sliver R Prescription Sunglasses Oakley Sliver R Matte Black Sunglasses with Jade Iridium Lenses

    5 Noteworthy Features of the Oakley Sliver R Sunglasses:

    1 | O-Matter Frame Material: delivers an unbelievably lightweight, comfortable feel for all-day wear, while also maintaining durability

    2 | Three-Point Fit: Oakley Sliver R is constructed with temples that go straight back for a zero-pressure, optically precise fit.

    3 | High Definition Optics: these Oakley sunglasses incorporate a collection of technologies that surpass optical clarity, visual fidelity, and impact resistance standards.

    4 | 6 Base Lens Curve: makes for a highly Rx-able frame with enhanced, optimized peripheral vision.

    5 | Oakley PRIZM Daily Lenses: Oakley Sliver R is available with PRIZM lens technology, which delivers a much richer experience by enhancing contrast and making colors more vibrant in any environment

    Oakley Sliver R Sunglasses Full Product Breakdown

    Oakley Sliver R brings you all the benefits of comfort, protection, style and visual clarity for life beyond sports. There’s a number of reasons as to why we’re loving the new addition to the Oakley Sliver collection. Take a look at our Oakley Sliver R product review, where we give you the breakdown of all our favorite features.

    Oakley Sliver R sunglasses exude the qualities you'd expect in an everyday pair of sunglasses. If you’re on the hunt for an exceptionally well-crafted pair of prescription sunglasses that will enhance your look and vision, express your personality with an everyday pair of Oakley Sliver R prescription sunglasses. If you have questions about the Sliver R or how to order prescription sunglasses online at SportRx, give us a call! We’re here to help, 7 days a week.

  • Golf Sunglasses: Polarized or Not?

    A beautiful day of golf at Torrey Pines SportRx staff enjoying a round of golf in San Diego

    A common question we get asked is, “Should I get polarized golf sunglasses?” Like all good questions, the answer is maybe. The science behind polarized lenses is that they cut out the horizontal wavelength, which affects your vision and blocks out harsh glare derived mainly from light bouncing off chrome, water, snow and the road.

    Something to keep in mind is that golf courses typically do not have glare in abundance. So, unless you frequently find yourself stuck by the water or sand traps, even on really bright days, you are truly not going to need polarized lenses to deal with any nagging glare. Which is why some people skip the polarization for true golf glasses.

    On the other hand, there is definitely a subset of people who do not prefer polarized golf sunglasses for reasons such that polarized lenses can affect depth perception, change the way you track the ball, and induce eye strain from when you're tilting your head back and forth. However, some people are very light sensitive and prefer polarized lenses, wear them all the time, even when out on the golf course, and have no problems or hardly notice any differences.

    The SportRx Expert Advice on Golf Sunglasses

    Overall, if you’re looking for sunglasses solely made for golf, then polarized lenses aren’t necessary. If you’re going to wear these new really nice sunglasses or prescription sunglasses on and off the golf course, and polarized lenses are an important feature that don’t affect your golf game, then by all means, go for the polarized golf sunglasses. At the end of the day, it really all comes down to the individual and how sensitive his or her eyes are. If you need additional help deciding on the best golf sunglasses or need prescription golf sunglasses, feel free to Live Chat or call to speak with a sports optician. Happy golfing!

  • Introducing the Lightest Sports Frame: Oakley EVZero Range

    As a reintroduction of the magnificent Zero line, Oakley introduces the lightest sports frame ever: the Oakley EVZero Range sunglasses. These new arrivals from Oakley are the ultimate performance sunglasses for cycling, training, running and beyond. From the weekend warrior to the world’s top athletes, Oakley answers the demands of those who seek uncompromising excellence with the EVZero Range PRIZM Road sunglasses.


    Oakley EVZero Range Sunglasses, PRIZM Road Lenses Oakley EVZero Range Sunglasses with PRIZM Road Lenses

    5 Noteworthy Features of Oakley EVZero Range Sunglasses:

    1 | Plutonite Toric Shield: combine thickness with a constant radius of lens curvature, which work together to provide superior clarity and an extended range of view in the upper peripheral region

    2 | Three-Point Fit: offers ideal optical alignment and pressure point relief with comfortable nose pads and straight-back temples.

    3 | Unobtainium ear socks and nose pads: work to increase grip with perspiration, providing an extremely secure fit

    4 | Interchangeable lens system: allows for ease of adaptability to ever-changing conditions

    5 | PRIZM Road Lenses: help spot subtle changes in texture of road surfaces and see hazards more easily to enable faster reaction times and enhanced performance

    The Oakley EVZero Range Full Breakdown

    Oakley has yet again set the bar incredibly high with this new addition to the Oakley Sport Performance Collection. The new Oakley EVZero Range possess everything we could dream of in a pair of sport sunglasses.  These bad boys provide the best of comfort, performance, durability, style and so much more. Take a look at the Oakley EVZero Range product review to learn more about our favorite features!


    If you’re looking for the ultimate lightweight pair of multi-sport sunglasses, you’ve found just that and so much more.  Get amazing clarity, distortion-free peripheral vision, and unbeatable comfort with a pair of Oakley EVZero Range PRIZM Road sunglasses. All your sport sunglass expectations will be surpassed! Questions about these new sunglasses or Oakley PRIZM technology? Give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to answer them! We’re here for you, 7 days a week.

  • 10 Best Bolle Sunglasses: Sport, Safety & More!

    Bolle sunglasses were made for the adventure seeking, outdoor enthusiast who demands nothing but the best. Bolle has been delivering high quality sport performance sunglasses and sport protective eyewear for many years. They continue to refine their eyewear to portray the perfect combination of fit, fashion, and comfort. Bolle has surpassed the competition with a variety of technologically advanced eyewear for a number of sports, and we’re here to give you the rundown of our favorite Bolle sunglasses.

    The Best Bolle Realtree Sunglasses 

    1 | Bolle Anaconda Realtree Sunglasses

    Bolle Anaconda Realtree Sunglasses, Bolle Camo Sunglasses, Bolle prescription sunglasses Bolle Anaconda Realtree sunglasses

    Bolle Anaconda Realtree Sunglasses were built with the outdoor lifestyle in mind. These camo sunglasses are constructed with curved arms that hug your face, working to keep them in place while you adventure to distant lands. These Bolle Realtree sunglasses provide a great fit for those with medium to large faces and offer extreme versatility and comfort. Add to your arsenal of camo with a pair of Bolle Anaconda Realtree Sunglasses

    2 | Bolle King Realtree Sunglasses

    Bolle King Realtree Prescription Sunglasses, Bolle King Realtree Sunglasses Bolle King Realtree Sunglasses

    Take on your next outdoor adventure with a pair of Bolle King Realtree sunglasses. These Bolle sunglasses will surpass your expectations with unbeatable style, comfort and protection. Bolle King Realtree sunglasses are constructed with a great wraparound frame design, delivering the best all-around eye coverage for larger faces. Bolle King Realtree sunglasses are just what you need to complete your collection of camo sunglasses.



    The Best Bolle Sport Performance Sunglasses

    Bolle has been synonymous with sport eyewear for a generation. If you’re looking for lightweight glasses that perform for sports, Bolle is the way to go. Lots of rubber on nose and ear pieces, great price point, very affordable sport wraparound glasses with some contemporary styling.

    3 | Bolle Bolt Sport Sunglasses

    Bolle Bolt Prescription Sunglasses, Bolle Bolt Sunglasses Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

    Bolle Bolt sunglasses are some of our favorite sport sunglasses for more reasons than one. The Bolle Bolt features interchangeable lenses, making them an exceptional candidate for those athletes who don’t live their active life in just one environment. Bolle Bolt sunglasses suit all your active needs with unbeatable technologies that provide comfort, protection, and a secure fit. If you need a versatile pair of sports sunglasses, you can’t go wrong with Bolle Bolt sunglasses.

    4 | Bolle Breaker Sport Sunglasses

    Bolle Breaker Prescription Sunglasses, Bolle Breaker Sunglasses Online Bolle Breaker Sunglasses

    If you’re looking for a lightweight, comfortable pair of half-rim sports sunglasses, leave it to the Bolle Breaker to fulfill all your desires. These Bolle sunglasses are suitable for a variety of activities. Thanks to the incredible wrap around shape and technologies that add optimal support, comfort and protection, the Bolle Breaker doesn’t disappoint when it comes to meeting athletes demands.



    The Best Bolle Motorcycle Sunglasses 

    5 | Bolle Spiral Motorcycle Sunglasses

    Bolle Spiral Motorcycle Sunglasses, Bolle Spiral Prescription Motorcycle Sunglasses Bolle Spiral Motorcycle Sunglasses

    Bolle Spiral sunglasses combine a wraparound frame design with cutting-edge technology to deliver the protection you need when cruising down the highway on your motorcycle. Due to its large amount of wrap in a frame that sits close to your face, the Bolle Spiral motorcycle sunglasses will be sure to protect your eyes against wind, dust, and any annoying debris that make come your way. If you’re looking for pair of highly protective prescription motorcycle sunglasses, Bolle Spiral prescription sunglasses are the way to go!

    6 | Bolle Highwood Motorcycle Sunglasses

    Bolle Highwood Prescription Motorcycle Sunglasses Bolle Highwood Motorcycle Sunglasses

    The Bolle Highwood offers another exceptional option of a highly protective, comfortable, helmet compatible prescription motorcycle sunglasses. These frames offer expansive peripheral vision and great protection from wind and debris with its wrap around frame design, air vents on the temples provide fog-free vision at all times, and their thin temples provide a comfortable fit under your helmet. These are a just a few of the many reasons as to why we recommend a pair of Bolle Highwood sunglasses to complete your motorcycle needs.



    The Best Bolle Sunglasses for Kids:

    7 | Bolle Jenny Kids Sunglasses

    Bolle Jenny Kids Prescription Sunglasses, Bolle Jenny Kids Sunglasses Bolle Jenny Kids Sunglasses

    Bolle Jenny Sunglasses will make your youngin’ stand out in a crowd. These new Bolle kids sunglasses features a cutting-edge model with a ‘70s look that’ll give your child a one-up in the young fashion world. With unbeatable technologies and high comfort, your little one will be so happy with a new pair of Bolle Jenny Kids Sunglasses.

    8 | Bolle Daemon Kids Sunglasses

    Bolle Daemon Kids Prescription Sunglasses, Bolle Daemon sunglasses online Bolle Daemon Kids Sunglasses

    Style and protection come together in the Bolle Daemon kids sunglasses. This pair of kids Bolle sunglasses features square lenses that look good on just about any youngin’s precious little face. With a variety of colors to choose from, a trendy design and unparalleled comfort, Bolle Daemon kids sunglasses won’t disappoint.



    The Best Bolle Sport Protective Glasses

    Bolle Sport Protective eyewear was designed for visual protection and correction so your young athletes can 100% focus on the game. Be it indoors, or out, Bolle sports glasses deliver full protection and visual accuracy beyond comparison. If your child is in need of prescription sports glasses, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Bolle Sport Protective prescription glasses, custom crafted specially for your child’s vision and sport needs.

    9 | Bolle Swag Kids Sport Glasses

    Bolle Swag Kids Prescription Sunglasses, Bolle Kids Sport Glasses Bolle Swag Kids Sport Protective Glasses

    10 | Bolle Coverage Kids Sport Glasses

    Bolle Coverage Sport Performance Glasses, Bolle Kids Prescription Sports Glasses Bolle Coverage Kids Sport Protective Glasses

    Bolle Sport Protective Glasses feature:

    - Optimal optical quality of the lenses
    - Anti-scratch and anti-fog Platinum coating
    - High resistance to frontal impact
    - Lateral shock protection
    - 100% UVA and UVB filtration



    Bolle Eyewear for Every Active Lifestyle Adventure

    No matter your age, sport passions, or active lifestyle, Bolle has you covered with some of the best sports sunglasses and glasses around. If you're on the hunt for a pair of affordable, yet highly reliable pair of prescription sports sunglasses or kids sports glasses, leave it to Bolle and the SportRx optical Ninjas to cater to all of your needs. If you have questions about Bolle or anything pertaining to prescription sunglasses, we've got all your answers. Contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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